Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wherein Two Little Girls Had Birthdays

December through present has been very busy for our family. We have had two little girls exchange their ages for the next size up, and their Mama has struggled with lots of migraines. I can count on my hands how many pain free days I've had in the last three months. We have also had many fun days of learning, and fun days of ministry, but a description of those events will have to be postponed until another day.

And Then She Was Five...

Many thank yous to the Grandmas who have waited so patiently for these pictures. =)
She had requested a pajama tea party. We invited our sweet friends the Bastians who came to complete our party with 4 sweet girls and one young woman who helped supervised the festivities. The girls played the Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed game that G-Ma gave us for Christmas, ate breakfast foods for lunch, and had a little tea party with a tea set from her G.G's childhood. I already had everything in our house for the decorations, except for the wire needed for making the puffs. I spent about $10 for all of the food and supplies for this party since we used things that we already had at home. The best kind of party!!
Can you see the food table is a bed? =)

Not long thereafter, SHE turned three!

She had a party at a park with family and a few special friends. The day was supposed to have a 40% chance of rain and be cloudy all day. Instead it was perfectly sunny and cool!! In the pictures, she is wearing a tiara- it wasn't a princess party, but she decided in the morning, that on her birthday, she could wear whatever she wanted. =)

"Sissy" was implored to "help" in the extinguishing of the candles, and I tried in vain to keep her shirt out of the icing. =) It was quite a yummy cake- the first birthday cake I have not made myself. This Mama was swamped with life and migraines that kept pulling the rug out from under her. So this year I outsourced in the cake department. It was a small thing, and in the end, it really didn't matter WHO made the cake. We all enjoyed it! Three of the Bastian sisters are pictured above.
Capturing a special quiet moment with Aunt Heather and Snow White.

We have enjoyed many moments of celebration because in our large and very busy families, we enjoy celebrating birthdays as many times as it takes to include everyone. =)

One of our favorite outings this year has been to a strawberry farm (not so) near to our house. The first time the girls visited with Daddy and some new friends (who live down the street, attend seminary with Jeff and who have children the same ages as ours) as I recovered from a migraine. I didn't feel so sad recovering at home alone knowing that they were having an amazing experience with their Daddy. The second time I got to go along for the ride. Addison schooled me on how to pick the best strawberries and showed me which ones to leave behind. Caiden and Jeff had finished an entire row before Addison and I were half way down ours. Every few feet she had to stop me and check my progress. =)

We found a fun state park on the other side of town where the girls got to climb a tree with Jeff. They loved being little monkeys!

Here's a teaser for next post. Here the girls are acting out some characters in a story that we studied for school. Do you know who they are? =)


Allie said...

Hello friend! I miss you! Good to "hear" from you. I'm delighted to see your little ones too. They're so sweet. :) Let's talk soon?

agable said...

Love your sweet girls. And so sorry about your migraines. I am dealing with them as well, but only about twice a week. Nothing seems to work!