Monday, October 03, 2011

Caiden's Reading Debut

Today we began our two weeks celebrating Autumn's arrival, and learning about apples. I found this book at Brightlight Book's clearance sale for next to nothing. It's perfect for Caiden to read all on her own. I had intended to upload a video of her reading the book to you all, but several hours of failed attempts, I am giving up. I'll try and find a way to share it eventually...

In other news:

Today we...
* made a "What Do I Know" and "What I Want to Learn" chart about apples.
* discussed the differences in fruit and vegetables and why apples are fruit.
* learned new vocabulary words: bud, blossom, stem, petals
* discussed the life cycle of an apple tree, seed to fruit, and also by season.
* read I Am An Apple twice- once with help, once almost by herself as shown on the movie.
* wrote to her penpal Emma.
*worked on recognizing number words and matching them to the appropriate number of objects.

Tomorrow we will...
* make an apple pie, and introduce fractions as we cut the apples, and then as we cut the pie!
* read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
* put up our world map on the kitchen wall and label the countries the girl visits to gather the ingredients of the pie.
* discuss the countries, color flags, etc.
* learn new vocabulary from the book.
* do a real-life subtraction problem with the apples we have, and then how many we use for the pie, and how many are left over afterwards.

Wednesday we will:
* read The Giving Tree
* practice memory verse
* practice the apple poem

Thursday we will:
* paint a four part picture showing an apple tree in each season.
* label parts of an apple tree that were gifts to the boy
* discuss the feelings of the boy and the apple tree and make a "Happiness Is" book
* practice memory verse

Friday we will:
*Have Caiden read Apples Up On Top with Daddy
* Try and balance bean bag (apples) and walk
* Make an apple book matching number words one through ten with the numbers 1-10.
* Read other apple books picked up from the Library.

It took a long time to upload this movie clip. I'll post the other two parts later...

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Phyllis said...

We loved the video! Bogdan was mesmerized. :-)