Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Part Three

Part Two

Let's see if it works this time...please let me know if you can see Caiden reading. Thanks!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Caiden's Reading Debut

Today we began our two weeks celebrating Autumn's arrival, and learning about apples. I found this book at Brightlight Book's clearance sale for next to nothing. It's perfect for Caiden to read all on her own. I had intended to upload a video of her reading the book to you all, but several hours of failed attempts, I am giving up. I'll try and find a way to share it eventually...

In other news:

Today we...
* made a "What Do I Know" and "What I Want to Learn" chart about apples.
* discussed the differences in fruit and vegetables and why apples are fruit.
* learned new vocabulary words: bud, blossom, stem, petals
* discussed the life cycle of an apple tree, seed to fruit, and also by season.
* read I Am An Apple twice- once with help, once almost by herself as shown on the movie.
* wrote to her penpal Emma.
*worked on recognizing number words and matching them to the appropriate number of objects.

Tomorrow we will...
* make an apple pie, and introduce fractions as we cut the apples, and then as we cut the pie!
* read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
* put up our world map on the kitchen wall and label the countries the girl visits to gather the ingredients of the pie.
* discuss the countries, color flags, etc.
* learn new vocabulary from the book.
* do a real-life subtraction problem with the apples we have, and then how many we use for the pie, and how many are left over afterwards.

Wednesday we will:
* read The Giving Tree
* practice memory verse
* practice the apple poem

Thursday we will:
* paint a four part picture showing an apple tree in each season.
* label parts of an apple tree that were gifts to the boy
* discuss the feelings of the boy and the apple tree and make a "Happiness Is" book
* practice memory verse

Friday we will:
*Have Caiden read Apples Up On Top with Daddy
* Try and balance bean bag (apples) and walk
* Make an apple book matching number words one through ten with the numbers 1-10.
* Read other apple books picked up from the Library.

It took a long time to upload this movie clip. I'll post the other two parts later...