Thursday, September 22, 2011

Love and like

I love my silly willy girlies.
I love that they were serious Daddy snugglers tonight.
I am thrilled with how our school plans went down this week. (THANKS MOM for coming through in a pinch!!!)
I really seriously LIKE my crock pot and my Yankee Candle tart warmer. (we're trying to be conscious of using "love" and "like" appropriately...can you tell? Because the exaggerator in me really does what to use the word LOVE!)
And happiness really can be found in having tomorrow's dinner cooking in the crockpot right now and clean up done.
I may just have found the cure for the "I'm too tired to think about what to cook because it's Friday" blues! Ahh, what a lovely Thursday night!
Oh, and my girls memorized Proverbs 29:11 this week. Even Addison. I love it!!

My final love of the night...
Based on Proverbs 29:11, (A foolish man gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man controls himself."We did a lot of discussing on what it means to be foolish and wise.

Yesterday in the car, Caiden asked me if someone's Mama was wise. I didn't know where she was headed so I answered with a question, "well, I want to know what you think." She answered in the negative based on this standard. "Her Mama doesn't give her children consequences, and so she's not obeying God, because children are supposed to obey their parents, so that means she is foolish." Ouch. She's observing so much. Understanding God's Word so well, and internalizing our explanation of discipline in our home in such a profound way. She's watching folks. She's watching.....

How was YOUR Thursday night treating you?


Allie said...

A certain one of my children has to say that verse frequently throughout the day as he gives full vent to his anger (and also when he keeps himself under control!). :)

Mrs said...

For us, Thursday night is ASL class! LOVE IT! I am so happy to FINALLY begin learning ASL. So glad Glenna's learning with me!