Sunday, September 11, 2011


(Addison at Aunt Kris' baby shower)

341. Watching my wonderful husband officiate the wedding ceremony of his former youth group intern Eric and his lovely bride, Courtney tonight.
342. That my children have a wonderful G-Ma who could watch them so I could just be "the pastor's wife" tonight.
343. So glad that my children were not at the wedding- it was SO hot some people almost passed out. But it was still lovely.
344. The book for the week is Caps for Sale and I found a video recording of it in ASL at the school Library. That's called killing two birds with one stone- ASL practice AND Literature! =)
345. For headway in the arena of child discipline. I have much to learn, but I feel like we're on the right track!
346. For so many great ideas as Jeff begins his new role pastoring young adults and young marrieds.
347. Being in awe of this man that I married: this month already he has spoken at a college group at UCF (BCM), the Drive (the singles ministry), done a wedding, started 4 seminary classes, and next month he'll be the speaker at a college retreat, and speak a few more times at the Drive. Such exciting times! Pray for us in this busy season!
348. For a few hours without the girls to work on school planning and catch up on a few hair bow orders.

In the busyness of the last few weeks, I have gotten out of the habit of recording daily "thanks" for the blessings that have come from the hand of my heavenly Father. This habit of joyfully receiving gifts from the One who loves me and created me for His glory and turning back to thank Him has become something that feeds my soul. It connects me with Him in a deeply profound way- beyond my quickly numbered needs for the day and beyond the rote request of protection for those I love. It helps me pause and remember that my relationship with Him is just that- a relationship. He is constantly working everything for my good and His glory, and I, in some small tangible way acknowledge that and gratefully accept all that comes from His hand. Not just the obviously good gifts, but the hard gifts as well. Here are some recent hard gifts:

349. Having to leave my grocery cart full of food sitting inside the door at Walmart twice to go out to the car and discipline my two year old. Blessing? Having a two year old that finds safety in the fact that her Mama loves her enough to be consistent even at the expense of my convenience and pride, and hugs me long and hard to tell me so.
350. Having to turn around on the way to church today and arriving 30 minutes later than I anticipated. I don't know what rough edges in me needed smoothing out, or what He could have possibly been protecting us from, but I do know that the ride was far more pleasant when I surrendered to Him instead of holding on to my frustration.
351. Being convicted over the areas that we have slipped into bad habits in training our children and watching other people suffer because of my laziness. The gift? A renewed commitment and new plan that seems to be having a big impact on our children in a positive way!

Thank you Jesus for all that you give us. We open our hands to receive from You all that you have for us. Make us more like You.

(Caiden on her first canoe trip 8/11)

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