Sunday, August 14, 2011


I stayed home from church today because I have a killer sore throat and cold symptoms. I didn't want to "share the love" so I sent the girls with Jeff and I nursed a smoothie- the only thing nutritionally valuable that sounded good to me. Thankfully, our church has this really cool thing where you can tune in to a live feed and watch the service live as it's happening. We've been going through the 10 Commandments in Exodus 20 for the last few weeks, and today we were on number 4- "Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy"...

I'm sitting on the back porch watching the rain come down and saturate our garden and listening to the squirrels duke it out over who is more thankful that the rain came to cool things off a little. Well, it sounds like they are anyway. Wow! An orange Tabby just came bounding across my back yard totally oblivious to my presence in hot pursuit of something tasty. I think we about scared the snot out of each other!

There are lines of green all over our raised garden bed today. It's amazing how fast that happened. It's been four days since planting.

Jeff and I both are eating up what Pastor David said today on God's design for the Sabbath. No, he's not home yet, but since Jeff was in on the planning meeting for this week's sermon (one of his favorite parts of his job) we've had the chance to mull over the topic this week. The main gist of the sermon today was that God gave us the Sabbath as a gift. He built it in to the rhythm of our bodies, our lives, our spirituality. The scripture itself addresses three aspects: work (abstain or cease from it for a time), rest (disconnect in order to RE-connect with those in relationship with you: family and friends), and finally, worship (this day was given as a gift of time for us to enter in to a meaningful, purposeful time of worship both individually and corporately) . So, come, sit down and dream with me for a second.

What if we took this command seriously and got creative with how we observe the Sabbath as a family and as a community of believers? What if we got into the rhythm of preparing on Saturday for Sunday and Monday? What if we met in homes, or parks for times of worship all across the city? What if family time was re-established and re-claimed? What if we began sharing meals together as the Body and spending time getting to know each other and encourage each other in our walks? What if we disconnected from texting, and Facebook, and email, and other social media and instead re-connected with our Creator and His creation? What if instead of observing the LAW of the Sabbath, it became a new way of life, reclaiming our innate rhythm and inviting our friends to join us as we live more healthy, happy lives , more in tune with Jesus, enjoying our families, connecting with and strengthening our brothers and sisters in Christ. If Sunday isn't your Sabbath, make it Saturday. If not Saturday, make it Wednesday. The point is, remember. Because you know, following Jesus' plan for our lives is the best possible way to live!

For more on what Pastor David had to say about the Sabbath, check back here for the podcast. You may have to wait for a few days so they can get it up and running.


Jessica Leigh said...

I've been thinking about this over the past few months. Because I'm such a do-er, I have a difficult time resting. One practical way I've been trying to observe the Sabbath is by taking a break from piano practice. I always feel so much more refreshed on Mondays!

Hope you feel better!

agable said...

You inspire me, Shannon!