Friday, August 05, 2011

Loving like Christ

"When I don’t live love, others live homeless. When I don’t love like Christ, I evict souls."

I've been ruminating on this quote from Ann Voskamp. It rings true as I stand in line at the grocery store, as I correct and discipline my children, as I endure continued migraine pain and carry on with all the responsibilities of motherhood. Where does it meet you today?

Ann Voskamp is the same Mama of 6, farmer's wife, and lover of Jesus who challenged the readers of her blog and more recently the readers of her book, One Thousand Gifts, to daily keep a journal documenting all of the good gifts that God gives us (and that we rarely even notice and rarely still thank God for). The premise is that our good God gives good gifts to His children. If we are not in the practice of thanking God for the good things, how are we to be thankful in the midst of circumstances that we don't fully understand?

I have been really consistent at keeping up with my list of gifts, but it's been a while since I posted some on here. May my own (very personal) list bring to mind all of the gifts in your own life and motivate you to thank your loving Father. I left off at number 300 on here...

301. For sweet moments singing This Little Light of Mine with C tonight before bed. What a wonderful feeling knowing that she drifted off to sleep with a full cup!
302. That Jeff is back home after 4 days away at FBO's children's camp.
303. That I didn't have one migraine while he was away!
304. For a time to laugh at a parenting mistake with my siblings. Sometimes you have to have grace with yourself and move on.
305. For a John Wayne movie with my hubby tonight.
306. That A. was not hurt when she pulled her dresser over on top of herself today and effectively scared the snot out of me.
307. We have grass on the side of our house for the first time since we moved in!
308. That Jeff was able to lead a little girl to Jesus at camp!!!
309. C. read Hop on Pop to as many people at my parent's house the other night as she could manage. Thankful for such patience and love from her aunts and uncles (and Jphnny too!)- that book is LONG.
310. Looking forward to a date with my hubby tomorrow!
311. For an unexpected check for a training at school when I was only expecting comp time.
312. For our first week of Kindergarden work coming to a close. We studied Blueberries with Sal with Before Five in A Row.
313. For our first lapbook completed today!
314. For a few bow orders that will cover our field trip to the Safety Village with our old homeschool co-op. (We are not participating in it this year.)
315. For duck and raccoon families, a turtle and various butterflies that have found their way into our yard in the last week.
316. Watching A snuggle with her Daddy before bed. Sweetness!
317. The joy that comes from contentment with following an old Pioneer proverb- "Fix it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."
318. For so many answers to prayer.
319. For an answer to C's prayer that she really understands.
320. Listening to A. recite a poem that we learned at Kindermusik (thanks again Big Grandma and Big Grandpa!)
321. For the chance to share my love and knowledge of childbirth with a friend- I hope I didn't scare her away with my excitement and passion!
322. For colorful cloth diapers hanging up to dry. (we are using cloth during the day and "sposies" at night and on Sundays when we are typically away from home all day.
323. That those diapers still fit her even though this child is now in size 4 disposable diapers!
324. That I got to meet the teacher I am working with this year (still working part time as an Interpreter of the Deaf at an elementary school )- knowing this early where I am working is a first for me!
325. Learning to trust Jesus with all of the things that are on the "lists" in my head and that try and keep me up at night.

Okay, it's bed time. Tomorrow, may you live a life of love that welcomes the world in from the cold and may the reality of His love compel them to stay a while! Good night!


Mrs said...

The Lord really seems to be pounding this message to me lately. Thanks for posting!

agable said...

Shannon, you continue to inspire me!

LOVE Ann Voskamp, what an incredible woman of God. I love her book and I read her blog every day.