Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life with Littles

Life with little ones is an adventure. I'm cherishing these days. Here's a peek.

I can't decide on quote of that day:

Caiden: "I like to eat my tears. If I'm hungry at nap time or bed time, I just stick my tongue up there and lick them. Problem solved."

You never know what is going to come out of her mouth. That statement was followed by questions about why her tears are salty, and what salt tastes like, and helps me to understand why she has perfected the art of waterworks at any given moment, and her fascination with watching herself cry. She also uses words like "thrilling" and "dazzling" and classifies animals into mammal or birds correctly 98% of the time.

Or Addison's response to my silly question,
"Why did you hit your sister? "
"For no good reason."

She usually doesn't hit unless provoked, which I have caught her big sister doing a few times lately just to watch Addison get in trouble. But, sometimes she does it just to get attention. Or for this... She loves puzzles still, reading books, and singing everything and anything. She joins us for school time and often reminds us that it's time for "reading lesson" which she is fascinated by and totally digs it when her sister decodes those letters on a page. She continues to be quite the comedian and often causes her sister and I to laugh out loud.

And no, our days are not all rainbows and roses. We are struggling hard core with disrespect and disobedience. It's not called child-training for nothing. We are all learning and growing together by God's grace smothered in a lot of prayer.

(We took these pics for Jeff for Father's Day. My Mom did a good job!)


agable said...

Love these pics of you and your girls. Absolutely precious.

Caroline said...

Oh my word - Addison is a spitting image of Jeff! What a precious family you have :) We need to get together soon!