Monday, February 21, 2011

This is the Life!

It is a beautifully quiet day. Days like today are ones I hold close to my heart, tucked away to be enjoyed and savored for always. The girls climbed into bed with me to greet the morning, all snuggles and giggles. They tumbled out into the living room to play as I made eggs and blueberry muffins from scratch. They didn't mind waiting. It was a beautiful daybreak. Sheer curtains billowed and swayed and our neighboring birds welcomed us to the enjoying of it. They danced in the dew while I baked. The girls and I discussed the schedule for the day and when Caiden learned that we were staying home to enjoy each other all day today you would have thought I had announced a trip to Disney. =)

When breakfast had been thoroughly enjoyed, we painted the morning away. While Caiden worked on a paint by number masterpiece, Addison and I made handprint pictures. I kept coming up with other shapes to try because there was something intoxicating about painting those chubby little fingers and pressing them onto the paper to record their precious shape forever. It was surprising how long she stayed focused on that activity. While we were working, we talked about what God created our hands for. "Our hands are not for hitting or grabbing, but for loving and helping." Caiden wanted to know how her hands were loving or helping while she was painting, so we decided that she could love by painting pictures to share with her family. Both sets of Grandparents will be receiving one of these loving creations in the mail. =)

Then back outside to dance in the middle of a leaf storm. So magical. They played and danced and explored while I concocted a fun treat for their lunch picnic. See?

Almond butter and honey sandwiches, banana, peas and apple slices for those who are curious. =)

And then down for a well earned nap while I do lots of laundry! Hi ho, hi ho, it' s off to work I go!

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