Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am overwhelmed. Truly. God has been up to some crazy, insane, out of this world stuff around here. I can't tell you about it yet, but I will when the time is right. Oh, I will!

I am overwhelmed with how amazing it's been to be back to reading God's word on a daily basis and memorizing Scripture again. Good stuff.

I am overwhelmed that our wooden (new, gorgeous, lots of work, yes I am proud we are laying them ourselves, real wood) floors are not done yet, furniture has yet to be put back in place, and we will have a party here in a little over one day.

I am amazed that our girls will be celebrating their 4th and 2nd birthdays on Saturday.

I am continually floored by the amazing support system we have here in our families. Tomorrow my parents will come over to help finish the floors, clean and prepare for the party. Dez will take the girls to the park in the morning. My Mom on a whim handed me dinner for tonight so I didn't have to make it after a long day at work and much to do here. We have been to lunch after church two weeks in a row with the McLaughlins- such a precious time that we treasure. The girls are practically fully clothed and shoed (what, you didn't know you could shoe a child? Well, what else would you call it? I'm up for suggestions! =) thanks to G-Ma. Our every need is met thanks to the grace of God. Thank you Jesus!!! (And our families too!)

Amazingly I found money in the diaper bag and no one knows why it was there or how it got there.

Surprisingly work has been much improved the last two weeks or so. Thank you Jesus!!

With much relief I can report that the girls are finally almost completely symptom free after a bout of illness that began at Thanksgiving- Addison still coughs occasionally.

Amazingly, I am still sick. When someone can make a Mom-substitute that can take over seamlessly and without invoking guilt so a sick Mama can sleep for a few days straight, please let me know. I could use one. But I would settle for prayers for healing! =)

Off to bed with a full, thankful and overwhelmed heart~
What are you thankful for this week? (Here are a few more I didn't mention...)