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So, I'm slacking. My apologies. Life happened. I should be sleeping now. But instead I am blogging. Go figure. My justification? One less thing on my to-do list will make sleep come easier....whatever, it sounds good. ;)

I will lay out this format differently. I will post according to what we actually DID for the last few weeks instead of our exhaustive list of options. Maybe it will be easier to follow? Let me know.

We have been studying the seasons and specifically Autumn for the last two weeks. Here is how we have done it. Oh, and fyi- we "do school" four days a week because one day a week the girls go and stay with our good friend Jill, so no school for C that day.

Day One:
Bible/ Cubbies
Teach You Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (TYCTR..)
Science: Plant more in the garden, talk about and handle seeds.
Math: Gather acorns, leaves, seeds, etc. Sort by color, size, order by smallest to largest.
Art: Make an autumn wreath with gathered foliage.
Literature: 1. Seasons 2. Have You Seen Trees?

Day Two:
Science: Discuss compost pile, soil, nutrients for plants, etc. Water garden, check for last week's sprouts.
Math: Make zucchini bread. Measure, look at recipe and read amounts. Discuss measurements. Talk about liquid changing to solids, set oven and timer.
Art: Paint 1/2 a tree on folded paper and fold over and discuss symmetry.
Literature: When Autumn Comes, What Happens in Fall?

Day Three:Leaf Day
Bible/ Cubbies
Reading: Bob books
Science: Fall leaf/bark rubbings. Discuss texture.
Math: Leaf classification bar graph. Glue leaves into graph- practice reading it.
Art: Make leaf rubbings into a book.
Literature: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf; Autumn Leaves; The Little Yellow Leaf
Poetry: The leaves are falling down, the leaves are falling down. Red, yellow, green and brown, The leaves are falling down.

Day Four: Tree Day
Bible: review all memorized Cubbies verses
Science: Another nature walk in the park- gather fall foliage, get some specifically fall veggies at the store- scrutinize with a magnifying glass. Guess at texture, Use vocabulary to describe texture.
Math: practice counting. Match patterns with wooden beads. String the beads for fine motor practice.
Art: Torn paper Autumn leaf tree- paint the trunk, tear small pieces of red, orange, yellow and brown paper for leaves.
Literature: Alphabet Tree; Someday a Tree; Tell me, Tree.
Poetry: Red and yellow, green and brown, Leaves are falling to the ground. We pile them OH SO HIGH, Then we jump in them, my sis and I.

Day Five: Pumpkin Day
Science: weigh and dissect pumpkin. Talk about scent, color, texture, seeds. Cook, roast seeds, talk about how it changed after cooking.
Math: count seeds. Weigh pumpkin before and after de-seeding. Which is heavier?
Art: Pumpkin prints painting fingers
Literature: Pumpkin, Pumpkin; The Pumpkin Book

Day 6: Nuts and Seeds Day
Science: Talk about where seeds come from, being food for birds and humans, Make a pinecone bird feeder. Dissect an acorn.
Math: Roll dice. Match acorns with the dots on the dice. Count. Roll two die- and practice addition.
Art: Prints with acorns and paint.
Literature: From Seed to Plant; The Nature and Science of Seeds; A Seed is Sleepy

Day 7: Apple Day
Science: compare/contrast two different apples (size, color, shape, taste, seed number, stem, leaves, etc) Use a Venn Diagram.
Math- Make baked apples for snack. Make an apple lacing card. Color appropriately, cut out, hole punch.
Art: Apple Tree made with thumb prints.
Literature: The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree; Apples and Pimpkins; Johnny Appleseed; Apples; The Apple Pie Papa Baked.
Apple Hide and Seek- no touching or pointing- must describe using prepositions.

Day 8: Harvest Day
Science: Discuss the life cycle of a vegetable plant- seed to harvest.
Math- Weigh our eggplant harvest. Order by size. Practice counting. Simple addition with garden related word problems.
Art: Make a picture using the harvest/scarecrow stickers.
Literature: Harvest; A Scarecrow's Hat

There were probably other things that we have done that I didn't write in my planner, and that I'm not recalling now. However, I am falling asleep and need to finish preparing for work tomorrow. Thanks for walking this journey with us!!

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Steve and Shannon Mersinger said...

hey Shannon... i was just catching up on your blog and something caught my eye because i have just recently heard about it... the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons. I heard about this through another homeschool mom that recommended it and I had talked to Steve about starting it with the kiddos, so i wanted to get your opinion on it... is it helpful? does Caiden like it? what is your overall impression of it? sorry to throw all these questions at you, but i just want to get a feel from you before we order it. Love and miss you lots!!!