Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Unit Two: Exploring with Our Senses

My constant reminder...Excite, Examine, Expand, Excel! =)

Concepts for this unit:

*Auditory Development:
Environmental sounds, sources of sounds, classify sounds according to theme (animal, instruments, machines, ect).
Repeating sounds/rhythms. Identifying words that rhyme in both initial and final positions.
Come up with our own funny rhymes!

Repeat tapping/rhythms, repeat poems.
Continue with memory verses.

*Visual Discrimination:
Identify and complete missing pieces of a picture.
Talk about Braille.

*Motor and Sensory Development:
Follow oral/auditory directions using prepositions.
Differentiate between hot, warm, cool and cold.
Touch and match what you feel.
Identify moods by facial expressions.

Senses, receptors, sound waves, touch, taste, smell. Opposites:smooth, rough, bumpy, soft, hard, prickly, fluffy, sticky,
slippery, sour, sweet, salty, shiny, dull. Lastly, "explore", "classify", and names for emotions.

Distinguish between more/less, greater/smaller; match equivalent groups by sight- checking “hypothesis” by counting;
Learn to use and read a ruler.
Match shapes with real life objects with the same shape.
Simple addition with and without manipulatives.

Dissect a flower, (touch, see, smell)
Classification: of sounds, smells, tastes, shapes and sizes.

Note: I got these curriculum goals from an old Elementary Grade Curriculum Continuums Notebook- the Sunshine State Standards of homeschooling ages ago. ;)

Do Your Ears Hang Low?
My Five Senses (Where is Thumbkin)
The 5 Senses Song http://www.mrsjonesroom.com/songs/senses.html
Other songs/poems http://www.everythingpreschool.com/themes/fivesenses/songs.htm
Sing a Song of Senses- http://blogs.jocolibrary.org/corinthtoddlertime/2010/04/20/my-5-senses-preschool-storytime/ (half way down the page)

Field Trips:
Musical field trip?? *Beach (touch, smell, taste, hear and see!)
*Art Museum *Leu Gardens- visit with a camera and a magnifying glass

*Duck Duck Goose *What’s in the Sock? *What’s This Scent? *Animal Sounds Guess Who

*Nature Listening Walk *Dance with bells on an anklet *Flashlight tag *Red Light Green Light

*Simon Says *Use a magnifying glass on a nature walk.

*Lacing cards blindfolded *Make a texture book

*Book of “My Favorites” (things to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel)- child illustrated

*Whistle Game *I Spy *Stress relieving massage, managing emotions

*Practice showing emotions, giving language to emotions and role playing how to calm down.

*Torn paper art collage *Make binoculars

*Make colored bubbles *Playdough with pumpkin pie seasoning

*Colored pasta necklace- patterning

*Make instruments (beans, rice, acorns, sticks on a pie plate) and use them!

*Fingerprint art *Paint with Clouds *Shaving Cream art

*Stencils to trace *Texture stencils for rubbings

*Leaf/bark rubbings *Pudding finger paint/snack =)

*Popcorn (before= touch, during=sounds, after-smell
*What’s for snack? (Use a blindfold and guess with your nose!)

Charles Shaw- It Looked Like Spilled Milk
Tana Hoban- Is It Rough, Is It Smooth Is It Shiny?
Paul Showers- Find Out By Touching
Harriet Ziefert- You Can’t Taste a Pickle With Your Ear
Ray Broekel- Your Five Senses
Paul Showers- The Listening Walk
Aliki- My Hands
Margaret Miller- My Five Senses
Tana Hoban- Count and See
Tana Hoban- More, Fewer, Less
Eric Carle- The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
Barnyard Dance- good for listening to the rhythm
Aliki- My Five Senses
Learning Ladders- My Body
Find Out by Touching- Paul Showers
Count and See- Tana Hoban
You Can’t Taste A Pickle with Your Ear- Harriet Ziefert
Your Five Senses- Broekel
My Five Senses- Aliki
My Five Senses- Margaret Miller
The Listening Walk- Paul Showers
My Body- Learning Ladders

I'm hurting on the Literature side, but we're reading lots of other books, and I figure we're using our senses to enjoy them, regardless of what topic they cover, so we're okay. =)

I'm also looking for a Discovery Toys representative as I have three school related toys I really want to get the girls for Christmas. I will include them so I don't forget. There's so much on my brain these days, it will likely happen.
1. Playful Patterns
2. Measure Up Balance
3. Giant Pegboard/Geo board


agable said...

You are one of the coolest mamas I know. Seriously. I am excited to home school Logan when he gets older, it looks like so much fun!

Melrose said...

Ok mama, you have to fill me in on how on earth you're coming up with all of this!!! Is it all off the top of your head? How are you coming up with the themes for your unit studies? Why unit studies for these subjects over individual studies? Are you planning to always use unit studies over individual curricula? I'm such an over-organizer...I like everything separated in it's spot...even when I eat! lol chicken here, veggies here, etc So the idea of blending subjects into unit studies is scary to me. How long does each unit study take? Do you just do it until everything is crossed off? ok, these questions could make a whole post! I would love to hear more...I'm so new to this homeschooling thing!