Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Princesses Have Left the Building

...But we are hoping and praying that the one that matters will return to us soon!

You know that your Three Year Old is understanding her boundaries when she will willingly explain them to all who will listen: in the grocery store, at the Dr.'s Office, to family, at church....=)

We have been hard core struggling with Caiden's behaviour recently. I know- it's hard to believe. But it's true. It's been AWFUL! We have tried everything we could think of and were unsatisfied with the results. Until...there was finally a brainstorm that resulted in something promising. Until she was able to behave like her beloved princesses, we were going to have to take away everything Princess. Movies, clothing, dress up, name it. (It's almost frightening how many "royal" things we own!) It began with the obvious offenders, and then she willingly started bringing us Princess items. A random Barbie Belle shoe, Jaq, Gus and Suzie mini toys from Cinderella, Barbie Aurora's brush, etc. She was very serious about these miscellaneous Princess items and insisted that they be removed as well. Well...okay. So, we have been Princess free for about six days now and we are seeing glimpses of our old Caiden. Not because she wants to earn them back, but honestly, I think it's because she isn't consumed with eating, breathing, LIVING Princess stuff. I mean, it was getting bad- it was all she would talk about. It was all she was concerned about. It was becoming obsessive. It's almost like she needed to clear her head. I know that sounds dramatic, but I'm telling you folks, I'm dead serious. It was like a 7th grader's obsession with their new cell phone. Sometimes you just need a forced sabbatical.

So, we're using this time to read a LOT of Library books. I went and found about 14 of the newest Caldecott and Newbury Award winners that our Library had and we are enjoying those. I'm trying to expand her horizons past the imaginary world (that had become oh too real!) and into the present. I'm trying to pull her out of her head and listen to all of her ruminations. We're spending more time outside; which works well for Addison since she could live outside 24-7 if I allowed it. But most importantly, we're focusing a lot on character development. You know, actual character traits and a lot of Scripture to back it up. We're talking about the Fruit of the Spirit. And we're doing more "time-ins". We sit down, try and get to the heart posture and why she's making these choices, what she's feeling etc. We look at the ugliness, really look at it- not just scold about it, and talk about it. And then we forgive it.

So, I'm tired. Really, really brain tired. But, I know in my heart that this is something that pays off in the long run. This is what my Father in Heaven does with me. And I'm hoping someday to become more like Him than when I started. And honestly, parenting in the midst of these non-Princess days is what will probably be my most efficient vehicle toward that "becoming". So, we're digging in. We're slowing down. We're taking time. We're committed to doing whatever we need to do to train her up. So, pray for us!

And pray for sweet Addison too, as she isn't sleeping well due to SIX teeth coming in at the same time- four of those being molars. =( ...That also could be why I'm so tired. ;)


agable said...

You are such a wonderful, dedicated mama. I hope sweet Addison feels better soon!

Mrs said...

Awww, sweet Caiden! How your Momma loves you!

Brav-O, Shannon!

Beautiful Feet books has a character through literature section. Even if you don't get the study guide, you could check their book list and get them at the library. I checked them out for Glenna last summer and she devoured them, so we went on to their Western Expansion section and California (of course!) section.