Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Unit Study Down!

So. I have started planning out our calendar for Caiden's schooling next year. Here is what we are doing:
*Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons for Reading- also practicing the letters they introduce in sand, rice, on paper, in paint, water and paintbrush on the sidewalk, making words with foam letters in the bathtub, etc.
* Rod and Staff's Bible Curriculum with Coloring book supplemented with our new Preschool Bible.
* Unit Studies for Math, Literature, and Science

The first unit study we will be doing is on transportation. First we will be visiting the Orlando Science Center (and you can bet we'll be asking for memberships to this place for Christmas this year because it's such a great hands-on resource!) in order to create an interest about all things transportation. Their second floor is dedicated to transportation preschool-style: just their size! I can't wait!

Next we'll be visiting the Library and gathering all of our literature resources.

Here's my outline:

Concepts to Introduce:
*Traffic Signs and Shapes
*Transportation vocab: Conductor, Pilot,Captain, caution, R/R crossing, turn signal, address, right lane, left lane, sidewalk,
runway, train tracks, train station, marina, train related vocab, and any vocab from literature.
*Colors related to transportation signs
* Beginning to memorize her address and phone number
*Distance vocab/concepts: means of transportation for various distances.
*Methods of transportation on our own: walk, run, jump, hop, skip, walk backwards (sideways) tip toes, climb, slide, swim, swing.

Lonely Bus Driver 
 One lonely bus driver all alone and blue 
He picked up a passenger and then there were two. 
Two people riding, they stopped by a tree 
 They picked up a passenger, and then there were three. 
Three people riding, they stopped by a store 
 They picked up a passenger, and then there were four.

 Four people riding, happy and alive,  
 They picked up a passenger, and then there were five. 
Five people riding open swung the door 
 Four passengers got off the bus,  
The driver's alone once more.

This is a choo-choo train (bend arm at elbow)
Puffing down the track. (rotate arms in rhythm)
Now it's going forward,
Now it's going back.(push arms in appropriate directions; continue rotating motion)
Now the bell is ringing, (pull bell cord)
Now the whistle blows (make sound)
What a lot of noise it makes Everywhere it goes!(cover ears)

Taking Off - Mary McB.Green
The airplane taxis down the field
And heads into the breeze
It lifts its wheels above the ground
Skims above the trees
It rises high and higher
Away up toward the sun
It’s just a speck against the sky
...and now it’s gone!

Down By the Station...
Down by the station (down by the station)
Early in the morning (early in the morning)
See the little pufferbellies (see the little pufferbellies)
All in a row (all in a row)
See the station master (see the station master)
Turn the little handle (turn the little handle)
Puff, puff, toot, toot (puff, puff, toot, toot)
Off we go! (off we go!)

Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Wheels on the Bus

*Origami boats/ airplanes *Make train, boat, etc with construction paper shapes (pre-cut)
*Large Boxes- paint, decorate to make trains, boats, airplanes, buses, etc.
*Egg Carton bus *Clothes Pin Airplane
*Floating boat

*Red Light, Green Light *Transportation Puzzles
*Block runway/tracks/road *Order trucks from smallest to largest
*Mother May I? (Option #1: crawl, jump, hop, step (front, back,side, big, small), run, skip etc. Option #2: “Mother May I move the bear?”- use prepositions- under, over, in, out, beside, on, off,
*Dot to Dot *Lacing cards- home made or transportation cards from G-Ma
*Bicycling *Sand table with cars
*Obstacle course runway for children: crawl in the tunnel, run, step through a ladder on the ground, jump, climb stairs, slide,
*Sidewalk chalk road with traffic signs: travel by foot, bike, wagon, or skateboard
*Geo Boards- Shapes, then move to boat, bus, train, etc.
*Geometric Shapes -make transportation vehicles
*Sorting vehicles by land, air and water
Worksheets for on-the-go:
*Patterning with pictures of cars/boats *Street Sign Shapes- cut and paste
*Transportation shapes and counting *Vehicles: Color, cut, sort and paste

Crews, Donald- Freight Train; Trucks; School Bus; Flying; Sail Away
Watty and Piper- The Little Engine That Could
Potter, Marian- The Little Red Caboose
Scarry, Richard- Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
Roy, Jennifer Rozines and Gregory Roy- Shapes in Transportation
Lenski, Lois- The Little Train; Davy Goes Places;
Barton, Byron- Airport
Rockwell, Anne- Good Morning Digger; Trucks; Ferryboat Ride
Hillenbrand, Will- Down By the Station
Burton, Virginia Lee- Katy and the Big Snow
Eastman- P.D -Go Dog, Go!

Pear (or peach) boats with pretzel masts and sliced cheese as the mainsail.
Apple trains stuck together with soy or almond butter, banana wheels.
Banana planes with graham cracker wings and raisin windows.

Field trips:
Mount Dora Train Ride
Science Center second floor transportation room
Disney- Monorail, boat, bus
Lake Mary Historical Center model train display
Sanford Marina

So. There you go. The rest of the year is in various stages of development, but I'm having a blast! Thoughts? Additions? Great ideas? Please share! Thanks! =)


agable said...

Amazing! I am impressed with how organized you are! Looks like it's going to be a fun school year for you guys :)

rosann said...

It looks like you're having too much fun. I remember those days. Such precious times. Enjoy every minute of it -- it certainly looks Caiden will love all the special times you've planned. Nothing is better than building on your relationship while teaching. I think you've got the best of both worlds here. Great job!

Kendra said...

Wow Shannon, I am so impressed. You guys are going to have so much fun and kids will learn so much! You have a lot of hands on and sensory experiences! So you have your OT stuff in check! Lol. Have fun.

Steve and Shannon Mersinger said...

WOW... that's all I can say... WOW! You want to come to Brazil and teach my kids?

Lindsay said...

This looks fantastic! I have to say (and my mom would agree), the Orlando Science Center year-round pass was such a fantastic buy for our family. We loved it--and learned SO much. You can credit them with Emily's interest in medicine, for sure.