Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More gifts

It's been way too long since I've written a post about all of the gifts we have received. Today I'm especially feeling the need to cultivate a thankful heart. Our AC went out yesterday while the girls napped. It's been an interesting 24 hours. Hopefully it will be resolved before today's nap time!

255. For a typically working AC
256. For when the girls AREN'T screaming at each other - those sweet quiet moments can easily go unnoticed because they don't demand as much attention. And, for the moments I do catch them and make them a bigger deal than the other.
257. That the screaming phase is just that- a phase.
258. That the girls are playing together in Caiden's room- I love to hear them communicate together.
259. For our Library that is SO close
260. That Addison is running around the house with a bell from one of Caiden's games saying "Tinkle bell, tinkle bell" =D
261. For the extra time to read A LOT to the girls (about 25 books a week)
262. For intrinsic relevancy- the reason Caiden decided she wanted to learn to write her name- to write to her pen pal Emma!

263. For my hands on, snuggle bunny, tactile child who needs to be hugged, tickled, wrestled with and held. It's fun for everyone!
264. For two little girls who are enjoying the no AC dress code for Littles: diapers and panties only (perhaps for the first extended time). If I had known they would enjoy it this much maybe I would have let them do this sooner!
265. For Addison saying: "it's okay" as one word.
266. For time during yesterday's nap time to work on a list of unit studies and activities for the Fall. It's a work in progress. We're going to have so much fun!!
267. For the really well written and inspiring books we've found at the Library recently. One of Caiden's favorites was Ox Cart Man. She wanted to learn to sew like the little girl in the story. So, out came the lacing cards. When those are mastered, I have yarn and a plastic needle. The goal? To make Christmas presents this year. Her idea. We'll see. ;)
268. For fun afternoons writing letters in rice, sand, chocolate pudding, red jello-paint, cool whip, and painting with water on the side walk.
269. For Addison learning to count just by hearing her sister: One two, free (me: four) five (me: six) seben, (me: eight) nine, TEN! Just about knocked me over last night- Jeff is my witness!
270. For fun new music that both girls love. Even Addison has learned some of the words in just two days- amazing!
271. When you ask Addison a question and she says, "I dunno". Makes me smile every time.
272.That God is providing resources, connections, ideas, support and like minded moms for our venture into home preschool.
273. That we made it through a week without Daddy and that he had a good mission trip with the youth group.
274. That Jeff is HOME!!
275. For the morning to play in water with buckets, paint brushes, and lots of splashing.
276. For the trees in our back yard, and the breeze that blows through the preserve and over the creek that kept us cool all morning.
277. That we have A/C again!!!! (Thanks to B & L A/C Services!)
278. That it didn't cost as much as we feared!
279. That I have learned to save money couponing- hard work, time consuming, but so worth it!
280. For time to do little things- like blogging.
281. That a beautiful butterfly kept us company this morning in the back yard. It was quite a treat.
282. I spent the morning pretending with Caiden and was thrilled to see her imagination, her vocabulary, and how she really COULD entertain herself with just a stick and water.
283. For Caiden's imaginary eagle friend who apparently moved in with us this afternoon and is named Mary. She is very helpful and "brought us berries while we were in the backyard all morning." =) (We've made a lot of progress in the name department. folks! Until a few weeks ago, all of her made up characters in her stories and her dolls had made-up names that sounded Arabic. =)
284. For the Spanish/English Signing Time videos my Mom bought and am delighted that Addison asked for Agua and signed "water" this morning. Having children that could eventually be trilingual- now THAT would be amazing!

That's all I have time for now. And it was just what the Dr. ordered. My perspective has shifted and I'm feeling a whole lot more cheerful. Thanks for listening! =)

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