Friday, July 16, 2010


Inspired by a few friends of mine who have been sharing their couponing success with the world on Facebook, I decided to do a little studying myself and figure out how to play this game. I have found a few websites that have really helped along this journey. I will share them with you so you can jump on the bandwagon too. But first...

Here are a few things that have changed the way I shop: sales come around every 4-6 weeks. In between then the items have mini-sales. The best price is to get the biggest sales. For example: Yogurt may go on a 60% off sale, but it may have a 30 or 40% off sale in between. So, when they have the greatest sale: I stock up so i can make it until the next time that sale comes around. What really makes this a good deal is if Publix has a BOGO sale or you can find a coupon in addition to the sale. This week Yoplait Probiotic yogurt was on a BOGO sale and then I had a $0.50 off and $.60 off coupon for those items, so I paid $1.40 for 8 cups of yogurt.

Tip: Notice I said when Publix has a BOGO sale, and you have a coupon- you can use a coupon for BOTH items. That's REAL savings!

Do not have brand loyalty. It's much easier to save money that way. Believe it or not, I can saved a lot more money buying the brand name items vs. store brands- and in some instances the taste difference is REAL. The reason I can save more is because they don't have coupons for the store brands, nor do they go on sale as often.

Okay, here's my routine. On Sunday I go and get a newspaper. Sometimes two if the coupons are good. I check out the store inserts for Publix, CVS, Walmart and Walgreens. Then I look at the coupon and sale match ups. Then I check out a few coupon websites for printable websites:,, and print out anything I need now, or could possibly use later. There are some websites that help in the sale/coupon match ups. They are,, and

Then, based on what staples we are out of, and what is on sale, I make my grocery list. Sometimes it's unclear whether sale prices are better than I can find on stores brands at Walmart, so I will to to Walmart first to make sure I can't find anything cheaper.

For example: at CVS this week they had advertised BOGO on 12 rolls of toilet paper making it 24 rolls for $10.49. I happened to have coupons for that brand as well. ($1.50 off total) And some left over CVS extra care bucks. (-$4) making it $5 for 24 rolls of toilet paper!! YAHOO!! =D There really is a trick to working CVS and Walgreens, but that will have to be a different post.

So, this week at Walgreens, Walmart and Publix I paid a total of $85.54 and saved $40.87. That's nothing to sneeze at, but it's not as impressive as some of my friends have pulled off. I'm a work in progress! So, want to join me? Let me know what you have saved!

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Mrs said...

Because my circumstances have changed and I never was much of a coupon user, I was so thankful to find, which scans all the sales at YOUR favorite store (mine is Publix), then creates a 7 day menu and shopping list. I saved $42.00 today!