Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I told you she's mischievous! Add innovative to the list too. She's been dragging Caiden's "potty stool" around to reach whatever she wants to get into. Of course I prevent access to this stool as much as possible, but it still happens. I wasn't fast enough to catch the amused, mischievous look on her face, but then, I did run to get the camera instead of getting her safely on the ground which threw her for a loop.

Apparently she gets her pension for creativity from her sister. Look what Caiden did last night!

Who knew that there was such great potential in the rack that the diapers were drying on?! They've been playing in it almost non-stop since last evening. She asked if she could keep it up for "lots of days" and I think I may just let them. The company we're going to have during the next few days will just have to deal with it. =)

Friday, June 25, 2010

First Installment

Can it be? I actually haven't blogged since February?! Well then, I guess I should post some Easter pictures.

We take our family pictures in front of the Resurrection Cross in front of the church every year. The girls choose a flower to add to the collage, and we say, "He is Risen!" and then we take as many pictures as we can. Thanks Dez!!! I have to admit, we are not very photogenic. We never all look cute at the same time. However, this year, they turned out pretty well. I give all the credit to our "photographer". ;)

The reason for my silence in the blog world is two-fold: The last few months of school were tough. And I was really trying to engage with my children who are growing by leaps and bounds every day! Because we have been SO busy, we were REALLY excited about our vacation to Disney with Jeff's entire immediate family over Memorial Day. I love those vacations because the kiddos get to really enjoy each other. And the adults too! ;) Jeff's brother Jay and his wife Kristin have three children: Connor, Landon and Reese. For some reason I don't have pictures on my camera of them all, but I know Mom took some, so hopefully I will be able to snag some from them and add them later. Here are some snapshots of our time together. Sweet time with G-Ma, reading before bedtime...

One night we had dinner at a hotel on property and the girls wore their CUTE little Minnie pillowcase dresses that Dez made for them. I made the bows, of course. I'm going to have to get better pictures of this, but here's one that shows the dress a little.

Here's a peak at Landon and Addison playing together. So sweet!

And one of the cousins meeting Donald Duck- Addison's favorite, but up close he was pretty intimidating as evidenced by the thinly masked fear on her face!

Here are some super duper cute shots of our 16 month old Addison. This child will make you fall in love with her a million times a day. See?

Here's her working her magic with her Daddy! =) She's also our most daring and most mischievious child. In the last week I've found her coloring on our walls twice, experimenting with my lipstick, falling down a few steps of play ground equipment where she impatiently brushed me off and merrily went on her way after I stopped her fall. She will dash away in public pausing only for a second to turn around and happily taunt, "bye-bye!" before dashing off again. She's bundle of energy, "I wan down- walk!" and would happily spend her entire day "uside". She needs a bath every single day because she is ALWAYS dirty. =) She's communicating very well these days. Although her speech is not as clear as Caiden's was at this age, her vocabulary is larger. She regularly speaks in sentences and can communicate her wants and needs most of the time pretty well. She amazes us everyday. Here's a picture of our little Piccasso painting on a more acceptable surface than our walls. ;)
In the next few days I'm going to hunt down an edible paint recipe and let the girls go to town painting on themselves in the bath tub. (Doesn't that just sound like fun? I wonder if they have a chocolate one...)

Here's our other little sunshine.

She is our Lover of Stories. We've taken to visiting our Library once a week to check out a huge stack of books, just to keep Caiden busy. In the car, it's my job to navigate the roads and come up with perfectly engaging stories for her. Thankfully, we now take turns and she makes one up for Addison too. I'm trying to keep a balance of Bible stories, fairy tale stories, fables, and role playing stories about the world around her. By the time we arrive at our destination, I'm already tired! ;)

This summer I am researching preschool curriculums, unit studies, and field trips for the coming year. My goal is to have the next year loosely laid out so that Jeff and I can team teach her this coming year, as I'm still working part time. I don't want to get her too far out in front of the pack for her age group, but at the same time, I'm not going to starve a hungry child! It's a fine balance and I'm trusting the Lord to give me wisdom and discernment as we move forward.

One of my greatest delights is watching my girls love on each other. One of their favorite things to do at the park, is swing together. It's pretty adorable. Here's a pretty poor shot, but it explains what I mean. The next one is a cute one of their friends, Corey and Iain Brannon thinking that that swing technique looked cool enough to try. =)

The girls are up from their naps, and I need to give them my attention. More installments to come! =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coming Soon!

Yes, we've been BUSY. Here are a few things you may see coming soon:

New pics and quotes from the girls.
Memorial Day at Disney with our Family
Our trip to TN
Update on Loopdeloop Bow Company (that's me- by the way! =) with possibly some cute pics!
New activities we're growing into
Caiden and Emma
Couponing Report
Thank God for Summer