Tuesday, February 09, 2010


As I was reading Caiden's post to her she threw out her hip, snapped her hand down on it, dusted off her "what were you THINKING" scowl and soundly put me in my place. "Mama- you didn't get it RIGHT. You forgot Big Grandma and Big Grandpa!" (Jeff's Grandparents)

"Yes, small fry, I did. I'm not perfect you know. Your list of loved ones DOES equal the population of some small towns and did I mention, I'm not perfect? In fact, you can just re-align your hips now please because if you keep throwing it out that far, by the time you're 13 you're going to look mighty silly. And while you're at it, you can stop looking at me that way because you AREN'T 13 yet (and hopefully by then we've made more progress and you will have forgotten about that look). " ....is what I was THINKING.

Instead, I took a deep breath and said, " Why yes, you're right! I did. Will you please remind me what you said about them so I can add it to this list?"

Her "look" melted into a lovely smile and she said, "Sure, that would be GREAT. I said my favorite thing about them was that we could visit their house and that they let me watch a show on T.V. and NOT that Big Grandpa tells me I'm full of Soup- 'cuz, I didn't even eat soup!" =)

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