Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Every day...

Every day as the whirring and growling draw closer, she runs to the window, drawn- as if by Sirens. You can feel the vibrations before it ever reaches our street. It's like clockwork, really. It squeals to a stop in front of our house, lifts, shakes, drops and then clambers up the hill to do it again, making enough noise to wake our back yard neighbors. ;) Nothing gets in her way as she madly dashes toward the window. Not toys, not little sisters, not blinds will hold her back. Mental note: open the blinds upon waking in the morning to delay replacing said window coverings. Does every little child have a love affair with garbage trucks? Do yours?

Monday, January 04, 2010

Confessions and Christmas

But not in that order- it just sounded better that way...

Christmas was fun. And busy. And I found myself doing a lot of introspection and a lot of resolutions about next year. Maybe if I write them down I'll remember them more easily. Who am I kidding, I won't remember to read these before next year, but maybe this will help me be more accountable to you all. Whoever "you all" happens to be- which really is a strange thing not knowing exactly who reads this blog, by the way. Maybe after you read this post you can "comment" and let me know that you're reading. Oh aren't you so kind!

Anyway. Christmas. When I say busy, I mean that we left the house each morning from the 19th -26th and didn't return until evening. The good news is that I never forgot to pack something that we couldn't live without, and we survived. The bad news is that we left the house each morning and came back each evening utterly exhausted and only did what was absolutely mandatory before falling unconscious in our beds/couch/floor- basically where ever we found ourselves. The good news is- we had fun, we celebrated Jesus' birthday well and made lots of memories. The bad news: naps? What's that you say? And our home? Ugh. But, we survived and the kids are happily back into their schedules and we are almost at the final stages of unearthing our home from the piles/dirt that got neglected while we were vacationing.

Let me share some of our memories with you!
Disney ! (Over Thanksgiving)

More Disney- with the cousins! Connor, Landon and Caiden were thick as thieves. They had a blast together and really do love each other. So much so that I heard this come out of my mouth: "No, you can't marry your cousins- you can love them a lot, but you can't marry them." =)

Connor-5, Landon-3, Caiden- almost 3, Addison-10months, Reese- 3 months. We had it easy this year- next year we're going to have to wrangle the youngest two into the picture- oh my! =)

We attempted to get a family Christmas picture. Twenty-five pictures later, here are the best ones. ;)

We also took one with ALL of my sibs- which, as you know, is a daunting task, as the numbers of us are growing! My, don't we look intimidating?!

During the break, Addison had her first solid food, followed closely by her first taste of ice cream- per the Jeff McLaughlin tradition. In another post I'll expound on how this tradition began, for now I'll just leave you hanging. Grin. I'm so mean some times... To make it up to you, feast your eyes on this cutie pie!
She is also saying: hat, Mama, uh-oh, dog, Dada, good girl, and signing: hat, more, milk, dog. This is going way too fast!!

So now for the confessions- forgot about that already, huh? Well, here goes. I just cleaned my kitchen floor for the first time in like, three weeks. There, I said it. It was getting so bad, that I wouldn't let Addison crawl in there because I was certain that she would find a different kind of organic home made baby food than she was used to, and I just wasn't comfortable expanding her palate yet! In fact, this break I went on a house cleaning hiatus. Not on purpose, mind you. It was sheer survival! I've been sick for like- a month. For real. And I can't do anything about it unless I want to give my child formula for a week while I take an antibiotic- which I don't.

So, I've chosen to SLEEP (which really is a dishonest characterization of my evening activities as Addison has been sick/teething/off schedule and waking once or three times a night) instead of cleaning, or picking up. Really the only thing that HAS gotten done is the laundry. The child needs diapers, you know? Well, not exactly DONE- just washed and dumped on the couch. That and the baby food was made- she needs to eat too...It was truly frustrating/embarrassing/insert an descriptive word that makes you feel sick to your stomach. Because we all have these visions in our heads of the perfect Christmas- the reading of the Scripture, singing of Happy Birthday, eating of the birthday cake, the sharing of gifts, the happy children, the loving parents kissing in front of the tree, the spotlessly clean home gleaming in the background...Well, everything happened, except the last part. In fact, my home was the messiest it's ever been in my seven years of marriage on Christmas Day. And I chose to let it go in order to sleep- plus, no one would see it any way. Oops.

Then we had a surprise visit from G-Ma and Pi-paw. Which was awesome- because I guarantee you next year my girls will NOT remember that the house was a mess, but that their grandparents surprised them and visited them on Christmas morning. However, I was mortified. I've haven't felt that kind of embarrassment in years. Not since a boy named Zach walked in on me using the lady's room in 6th grade.

So, I started to think about WHY that embarrassed me. Why did I need to have everything perfect? Man, that pride thing runs deep! So deep that I even started to justify it! In reality, my house should be clean. But here's the deal- I'm NOT perfect. I'm just a regular Mama, caring for my two little girls, loving my husband, running a hair bow biz (oh yeah, I haven't written about that yet- that's a separate post all together...bear with me!), working part time, participating in Christmas festivities, being sick, and just doing the best I could. So, I thought that I would share that with you so you wouldn't think that you had to be perfect too. Join me in becoming more genuine, real, and honest with yourself and others this year. I mean really, don't you feel better already? =)

So, I'm just going to do the best I can.

And really? I'm okay with that. I think my amazing husband and my little girls still love me. I hope I haven't scarred them for life, I pray hard and trust that Jesus will make up for the rest. And you know? He's pretty good at that!!!!