Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our BIRTHday!

Today is a significant event in our family: three years ago today a little girl entered the world and made me a Mama! What an amazing journey we have been on, my little punkin-baby and I! We have learned so much together. I can hardly believe that it's been three years! As I was perusing pictures for this post, I was struck by how "little girl-ish" Caiden looks now. Good bye toddlerhood! See what I mean?

This year has been such a blast! Caiden continues to amaze us with her love of learning. She enjoys learning new words, letters, and numbers. Her favorite thing in the world is going to the playground, but a close second, and perhaps more frequent activity is telling or being told stories. If books are unavailable, or inaccessible, she will readily settle for a "talking story". She is an amazing story teller in her own right and lately we've realized she is actually engaging us with her made up stories. While her stories are fun, the names of her characters are always hilarious and never real names. (Like her doll named "Izon")

She is an amazing big sister to Addison and often talks about how much she loves her sister. It is a common occurrence to see her interrupt her activity to kiss her sister, or run and grab a toy to occupy her, or do something to make Addison laugh. It delights us to see the kind of sister she has become.

She continues to have a love affair with dresses, jewelry, shoes, princesses and all things GIRL. She also has quite the natural flair for the dramatic and is rather photogenic. See? And my personal favorite...


and Mommy
are so proud of you, Caiden Hannah. We love you so much and are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents. You are a delight to everyone- but most of all, to us. We pray blessings over your third year sweet girl. This year may you grow in love, understanding, confidence, knowledge and wisdom but most of all in the fear of the Lord. We love you!!