Monday, September 14, 2009

National Pastimes

What pictures stretch across your mind when you think of a National Pastime?
Is it this?

Perhaps something along these lines?

May I humbly suggest a new national pastime? We are consumed by it over here and it is wildly entertaining, and some would say that it is the cheapest, purest, most light hearted fun for the whole family available!

What's that?

The suspense is killing you?

Oh, forgive me! Here's a picture of my nomination of the NEW national pastime.



Because when you have cheeks like this around... can you resist? I dare you!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

I couldn't resist!
This is Dexter- the dog my girls fell in love with at Camp Arete this summer.

I love Addison's tongue smile- it was sweetness for a few weeks over the summer, and now it is gone. =( They change so fast! But, it is proof that my second daughter loves dogs. She loves Bentley too- Aunt Bekah's dog. She resembles an overzealous marionette when she seems him, "jumping" while suspended in in mid-air, arms flailing with excitement. So cute.
And NO, we will not be getting a dog. Thankyouverymuch! =)

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cultivating Thankful Hearts

Some conversations with Caiden today got me thinking about our conscious decision to instill thankfulness in our girls. I started evaluating what kind of example I was setting for her. It's so easy to be thankful when things are fun, sweet, beautiful, and, well, easy. Like when Caiden asks "to play Thankful" every night at dinner and proceeds to allow me to splash around in the overflow of her thankful heart.

Tonight we waded in these things: (listed as she shared them with me- "lots of time with Daddy- Mama, I just love it!,
for the place mat G-Ma bought me, for my bunk beds, for hanging out with Daddy (I'm serious- she said hanging out!), for little baby Reese- she loves me!, for going to Nana's, for this yummy "wice" and chicken, and for Pi-Paw not flying, (I think she meant on Monday so she could see him...). Or when after a particularly frustrating bed-time experience sneaking back into her room for a few minutes of snuggle time in her bottom bunk and to find a radiant smile awaiting me, small arms thrown around my neck, and a sweet voice proclaiming that my appearance "made her heart so happy!"

I'd love to share with you some easy things that filled my heart today: That a sweet family from our church gave us bunk beds for Caiden AND put them up for me while Jeff was out of town on a youth trip.

That Jeff helped me settle the girls into their new rooms last night and I got to tuck them into new beds, in tidy, comfy rooms.

That Caiden can make me laugh just by making a comment in passing: "Mama, this grown up book has words AND pictures. Isn't that creative?!" (This observation was made about a book a snagged from Lake Sybelia's free book pile- Roald Dohl's "The BFG"- terrific book for young and old alike, by the way.)

That Addison delights my heart every time she dives for my arms, or says "Dada" when Jeff walks into the room. Those are moments anyone could be thankful for. But then there are times when to my shame, I allow the moment to consume me and I get overwhelmed or frustrated.

Here are some things I chose to be thankful for today: that when my plans/schedule don't work out, God is re-directing my path (if I let Him),

that even though today was a work day, it was only five hours; that when during dinner preparation and Addison was screaming, and I pulled a container of strawberries out of the fridge and promptly dropped them all over the inside of the fridge and the floor- I needed to clean those places anyway! =)

That during bath time when my princesses tragically turned into some alien life forms, whining, back-arching, tsunami splashing, deaf and defiant creatures- I was able to be thankful that I CAN give them both baths at the same time/place now and remember that soon enough they will be showering and not need me any more.

That even though my Mom needs to have her hip replaced (Sept 21st), in a few short months she will be pain free and moving around like new!

Okay, falling asleep at the keyboard again- I better sign off before I try and count something, or otherwise make a comment that would lead you to the conclusion that we are in the process of adding to our family. Good heavens! Blogging can be dangerous!! =) Good night!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Correction! FIve- not six!

Oh my- that's what I get for writing that blog so late last night....I can't count! There are FIVE McLaughlin grandchildren now- not six as I had previously posted. My sweet Mother in Law called me this morning and about gave me heart failure asking if I was pregnant and if that was the reason there were "six"...Dear me! No, I am NOT pregnant!!! =) Addison woke up three time last night to eat- I cannot imagine being pregnant at this stage in the game!!! A little sleep deprived and delirious, yes, pregnant, no! But give yourselves a pat on the back if you caught the mistake! =)