Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thankful Tuesday!

230. The sound of family gathered to enjoy "one of us" who lives afar for just a few short days.

231. Generous, creative, silly Aunts

232. The fullness of my daughters lives surrounded by people who love them as we do.

233. A few hours to step out of my Mama shoes and be a sister.

234. For the aroma of banana bread wafting through the house, cloaking us in the familiar, and comforting.

235. For too many cooks in the kitchen- oh the good old days!

236. For a fun visit from G-Ma that fills up a little girl and leaves her overflowing from the joy of it.

237. For educational direction and ideas that enable me to be more intentional and focused in my play times with C.

238. For my delightful children

239. That for the mot part my girls don't have to be shipped out while I'm working.

240. For the hours of preparation that saves me that will hopefully materialize in sleep!

241. For a vision for Addison's room and that it is slowly coming together.

242. For the pitter patter of little feet and the slap of bigger feet on the tile down the hall.

243. For Addison babbling "dadada" along to the worship music.

244. Yummy snack of baked chick peas.

245. That our Library is so close.

246. C making her Little People talk to each other in high pitched voices. Sweetness.

247. For the giggles that erupt from the sisters as C runs away and A "flies" behind her and occasionally lands on her back.

248. For the fun and rewarding workout that is!

249. That the girls are beginning to enjoy being able to play together.

250. For my little "Chunkin"- all 18 lbs of her cuddliness.

251. That both girls and Jeff are on the road to health again and that (thank you Jesus!) I never got sick.

252. For the dedication of my husband to care for our children in spite of both of us working again.

253. For long hours of sleep last night- a gift after her cold disinegrated whatever schedule we had pieced together.

254. That binkies for toddlers are a thing of the past, no longer mourned over or reminisced about. Yahoo!

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