Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I've been reading this Mama's blog ( for a few weeks now and just waiting for a Monday so I could participate. Here goes!

I did NOT put off finishing my long post about summer in order to take part in this Not Me Monday. I would never keep my sweet family and friends needlessly waiting for our fun summer pictures and stories! I'm way more thoughtful than that!

I would never float down a river (in TN) for three hours that I wasn't familiar with, in inner tubes from the Dollar Store and with my babies in tow. And you certainly wouldn't catch me nursing my daughter in the afore-mentioned Dollar Store inner tube while floating down said river because she was hungry. What kind of mother would I be?!

And I would never be caught trying to convince my two year old that is was okay to empty her bladder in the river because she had to go and we were no where near the boat launch where we were getting out! I would never confuse my child like that! Not me!

I would never tell lie to my daughter and tell her that there was a Binky Fairy and that is visited our house last night and took away all of her binkies and left her little presents instead because she was a Big Girl now! Not me! Never!

And I did not let her eat the Pez candies from the Binky Fairy this morning before breakfast. Not me! That would be irresponsible!

What did you all NOT do this week? Do share!


Jessica Leigh said...

Ooo fun! I wanna play!

I did NOT send one of my favorite people off to TN last Friday for a year. (Therefore I am NOT sad, right? Hmm...)

I did not ride the ghetto Sky Coaster at Fun World. (Any crazy would know better!)

I did not show up to church late because I was at Starbucks with my mommy.

And I definitely did not take a nap today when I should have been practicing piano.

Allie said...

Haha - can't participate right now, but I read MckMama too and I think it's cool that you do!

Ohmygoshi said...

This was so cute! I LOVE MckMama! Her writing is really inspiring, and her photos are simply gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Those are too funny! That's GREAT that you were nursing in the river!! What a sight that would have been!