Monday, August 31, 2009

Brought to you by the Letter R and the Number 5

Caiden and I were talking about things that begin with the "r" sound- here's what we came up with: (for an honest re-creation, say the words with a "w"sound in place of the "r". (Like "Wachel") If she thinks about it, she can fix it, but most of the time I let it slide...I know that sound isn't stable until age 4, and it's just so darn cute! =)
Rachel (from Signing Time- the "favorite video of my life" as she calls it,
Rainbow, and......drum woll (ahem- ROLL) please......

Reese - who celebrates her BIRTH day today! Welcome to the world sweet little Reese. Your cousins, Uncle Jeff, and Aunt Shannon were so excited to meet you today! We can't wait to get to know you more. Right now, just from our quick glimpse of you, we think you look like a beautiful mix of your brothers. We can't wait to watch you change and grow. For now, enjoy getting to know your family, learning to nurse, and snuggling. Before long you will be as big as your cousin Addison- who I promise was your size just 6.5 months ago. (Reese was 6 lbs and 10 oz, 19.75 inches long)
So, what does the number five have to do with anything? That's the number of grandchildren in the McLaughlin Family now- so much fun!! What a beautiful day of celebration!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Thankful Tuesday!

230. The sound of family gathered to enjoy "one of us" who lives afar for just a few short days.

231. Generous, creative, silly Aunts

232. The fullness of my daughters lives surrounded by people who love them as we do.

233. A few hours to step out of my Mama shoes and be a sister.

234. For the aroma of banana bread wafting through the house, cloaking us in the familiar, and comforting.

235. For too many cooks in the kitchen- oh the good old days!

236. For a fun visit from G-Ma that fills up a little girl and leaves her overflowing from the joy of it.

237. For educational direction and ideas that enable me to be more intentional and focused in my play times with C.

238. For my delightful children

239. That for the mot part my girls don't have to be shipped out while I'm working.

240. For the hours of preparation that saves me that will hopefully materialize in sleep!

241. For a vision for Addison's room and that it is slowly coming together.

242. For the pitter patter of little feet and the slap of bigger feet on the tile down the hall.

243. For Addison babbling "dadada" along to the worship music.

244. Yummy snack of baked chick peas.

245. That our Library is so close.

246. C making her Little People talk to each other in high pitched voices. Sweetness.

247. For the giggles that erupt from the sisters as C runs away and A "flies" behind her and occasionally lands on her back.

248. For the fun and rewarding workout that is!

249. That the girls are beginning to enjoy being able to play together.

250. For my little "Chunkin"- all 18 lbs of her cuddliness.

251. That both girls and Jeff are on the road to health again and that (thank you Jesus!) I never got sick.

252. For the dedication of my husband to care for our children in spite of both of us working again.

253. For long hours of sleep last night- a gift after her cold disinegrated whatever schedule we had pieced together.

254. That binkies for toddlers are a thing of the past, no longer mourned over or reminisced about. Yahoo!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child Monday

So this week, I have some good please, for all that's good and holy, pause and empty your bladder. I do NOT want to be held responsible for any unintentional puddle hopping.

It was NOT my child who stood in front of a full length mirror yesterday at Target and practically bent over backwards in her efforts to puff out her chest. I definitely didn't catch her peeking under her clothing, making an inspection. When asked why she was taking up acrobatics, she did NOT say, "I'm trying to make them grow and get milk so I can feed my baby!" (Atta-girl! Already giving her baby "the best"! =))

It was not MY completely toilet trained child who had not one, but TWO accidents at my MOM's.....and on CARPET.

It certainly wasn't any offspring of mine who corrected an unsuspecting older gentleman at Walmart who admired my "cute little boy" with an exasperated, "SHE's not a BOY, she's a girl- she even has a "ba'gina" 'cause God made her a GIRL." And I'm pretty sure it wasn't me who grew wings and high tailed it out of that store as fast as my little legs could carry me not even checking to see if the man had heard or understood the last part of her explanation.

(In my defense, I had the girls and boys are different talk after she told me that when Addison grew up she would be a boy. We explained that girls and boys were different because God made them differently, and they had different private parts. But my daughter wasn't content with that- she wanted their NAMES. I only told her one time hoping that she wouldn't remember such unfamiliar and strange words. So much for that...)

What has your child "not" done this week? Please share the fun!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thankful Tuesday!

I know that it probably would sound better to have a "thankful Thursday", but next week will mark the beginning of my Thursdays at work, and I know I won't have time to blog on Thursdays, so Tuesday it is! =) Here's a continuation of our list from before.

We will share with you some highlights of this week's "Thankful Game" as Caiden calls our evening routine of sharing thankful hearts with each other at our dinner table. I have a very leggy, wiggly, happy girl on my lap right now, helping me to remember.

201. I'm thankful for God's grace over the girls and I while we were at camp. It was the first year that I didn't have a sister with me to help, and we all survived none too worse for wear- just tired!

202. I'm thankful that we WERE able to fit two pack-n-plays in our tiny room at camp.

203. I'm thankful for our in-door private bathroom, and shower and air conditioning in our little room- no one else had those amenities!

204. I'm thankful for the Rubbermaid container that doubled as the girls bath tub, and for wet, sudsy girls who enjoyed their first baths together.

205. I'm thankful for the laughter that ensued during every afternoon bath (the evening baths were soon discarded as everyone involved was too tired to be cheerful or sweet).

206. I'm thankful for my camp secret pal and how she made Caiden her own secret pal so she wouldn't be left out.

207. I'm thankful we got to sneak away from camp one day to go see my sister Kristin, who lives 1 hour away from camp. It was a lovely rural drive and I so enjoyed getting to see her home for the first time and her massive and prolific garden. She is my gardening hero right now!

208. For Caiden with cherry tomato seeds liberally dribbled down her white shirt while gleefully snacking in Kris' garden, and for her first lessons on picking tomatoes, corn, and beans.

209. For my Mom who got the tomato stains out of Caiden's shirt! She's my laundry hero!

210. For my wrap that carried Addison all over camp, and my nursing cover that enabled me to feed her during the only two sessions I made it to.

211. For our time in TN with my WHOLE family! It has been 8 months since we've all been together at one time! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

212. For the courage to go tubing with my girls husband, and siblings. The most fun I've had in a LONG time! Such beauty!

213. C- "For the llama's we saw when we were tubing!"

214. C-"And the cows too- and the baby ones!" She said, as she wriggled off my lap to play beside me.

215. For how Addison laughs the most adorable, contagious, gasp for air, and hold your sides kind of laugh when her sister is being silly.

216. For how the girls love on each other.

217. C- "For my little sister- she is my friend."

218. For how well the girls traveled and kept themselves occupied with library books, small toys and each other during the long road trip home.

219. For Addison's first Brave's game that we were able to catch in Atlanta on our way home.

(She really did enjoy herself! It certainly beat the experience we had when we took Caiden for the first time and half froze our pitooties off!)

Both girls kept the fans all around us entertained and we saw Chipper hit a home run!

220. For Addison's new grin with her tongue sticking out- is there not anything cuter in all the world?

221. For the unique and funny names Caiden comes up with (and remembers!) for her babies: Iz-awn, Eef, Fawna.

222. That Addison LOVES "the jumpy thing"- as C affectionately dubbed the Jumparoo seat.

223. For our computer and internet access on a consistent basis.

224. For the pictures family and friends send us while we are camera-less (except for Jeff's iPhone, which is where the Braves pics came from).

225. For the grace to survive our first night without binkies for Caiden, and that I didn't cave in.

226. That I have a snuggle bug in my Addie-girl.

227. That I get a massage tomorrow! (Thank you to the Dey family!)

228. That our sweet potato and basil survived our extended absence.

229. For moments like this one to bask in a heart over flowing with thankfulness, with classical piano music in the background and one baby napping, one playing quietly. What a blessed life I have!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I've been reading this Mama's blog ( for a few weeks now and just waiting for a Monday so I could participate. Here goes!

I did NOT put off finishing my long post about summer in order to take part in this Not Me Monday. I would never keep my sweet family and friends needlessly waiting for our fun summer pictures and stories! I'm way more thoughtful than that!

I would never float down a river (in TN) for three hours that I wasn't familiar with, in inner tubes from the Dollar Store and with my babies in tow. And you certainly wouldn't catch me nursing my daughter in the afore-mentioned Dollar Store inner tube while floating down said river because she was hungry. What kind of mother would I be?!

And I would never be caught trying to convince my two year old that is was okay to empty her bladder in the river because she had to go and we were no where near the boat launch where we were getting out! I would never confuse my child like that! Not me!

I would never tell lie to my daughter and tell her that there was a Binky Fairy and that is visited our house last night and took away all of her binkies and left her little presents instead because she was a Big Girl now! Not me! Never!

And I did not let her eat the Pez candies from the Binky Fairy this morning before breakfast. Not me! That would be irresponsible!

What did you all NOT do this week? Do share!