Friday, July 10, 2009

Lists updated

Post about vacation
Finish book on homeopathy
Creatively get through upcoming week without Daddy.
Decide on lamp
Begin new blog?

Preparing for interpreting job
Packing for vacation
Buy some homeopathics
Explore senses with C

In process:
Replacing elastic on Caiden's old FB for Addison
Planning Fall garden- currently mapping out sun in our suddenly shady backyard. The only all-day sunny spot is the only spot with nice grass in both the front and back...hmmm.

We had our first encounter with a naughty word today. Something startled Jeff in the yard, and he said, "What the heck was that?" Two seconds later Caiden mimicked him word for word. I was so shocked, I almost asked her what she said- but then quickly realized that would be unwise, and refrained. In that instant, time stood still momentarily. I found myself running through a series of choices in how I could respond: 1- freak out, 2. lecture, 3. ignore it, 4. laugh, 5. punish her, 6. yell at Jeff. I decided on #7- explain that ladies never use words like that because they are not nice words. Explain that Daddy made a mistake and that he will try to be better in the future. Explain that Mama and Caiden, and Addison and Cinderella (the clincher!) never use naughty words because we are ladies: we are polite, and kind, and sweet. A few minutes later I hear Caiden talking to herself: "I'm a lady so I never will say "what the heck..." I looked at her sidelong and held her gaze until she got my point. Then she said, " What the hiccup? Yes, that is a funny word, and not a naughty word. Mama, I was just talking about hiccups. It's okay" Lord have mercy- she's two...I wasn't expecting this for another few years!

Add: wash Jeff's mouth out with soap and have Caiden watch what happens to people when they use naughty words.


Mrs said...

Oooohh, she's a smart one, Shae! What a wonderful way to explain it, though!

I would have not been able to hold my smile at the, "I'm a lady so I will never say 'what the heck.'" =D

Unfortunately, our 3 year old son said a much, much worse word. Yes, I blame Daddy! Praise God for the Holy Spirit working in our lives!

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

What a wonderful option you chose! I agree with Mrs... I'm sure I would have been grinning. Did you find a private place and fall down laughing?

And such a creative imp she is..."What the hiccup!" Maybe I'll try that one sometime.;-)