Monday, July 27, 2009

A Fly Went By

I'm not very good at concealing my feelings/reactions to things, and unfortunately, Caiden is extremely adept at reading me regardless. But, I'm working on it. I don't want her opinions to be shaped by my feelings.

At the Beach last week, my friend Carissa found a very large, very dead, dragonfly shell. By that, I mean that it was its exoskeleton, and wings, nothing inside. She showed it to us, and my immediate reaction was "cool- don't make me touch it- ech!" But I kept my mouth shut. Caiden was fascinated. Not only did she touch it, but she carried it around for a while. A LONG while. Long enough for me to begin thinking of how I could convince her that the poor guy needed to stay on the beach. I could just see him becoming dust in the hubbub of traveling back up to the condo and that would have been traumatic. Thankfully, she decided his final resting place herself, and we continued on without incident. I was amazed. Usually when bugs are involved, she freaks out. Even just flies cause her to flip. Lately, I had begun to wonder if her reaction to them was mirroring my own. (I HATE spiders and recently been startled by two in her presence. Let's just say I wasn't a gracious hostess...) Thus, the new sensitivity to my own reactions. Maybe I needn't worry- because lately, she's begun to show an interest in all small scurrying things after all- including the lizards that squeeze into our back porch to escape the heat. Maybe this is the beginning of something new... (as long as she doesn't ask them to stay with us...!)

While Caiden was exploring, Addison was chillin on the towel.

(Don't worry, she was slathered up nice and slippery, and only spent a few minutes in direct sunlight.)

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