Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm one of THOSE Mamas!

This angelic sweetness is the impetus for three wardrobe changes today before the noon hour. Motherhood is such a messy career! I'm pretty sure that this job ranks in the top five: the first four (fishermen, butchers, coroners, sewage workers) being means of employment I would not embrace if my life depended upon it! Yes, I left out garbage men because in our neighborhood they have trucks that have mechanical arms that do all their work while they supervise from their air conditioned cabs- they don't make the cut! But I digress...

Along the lines of your offspring being the producers of surprisingly large quantities of bodily fluids, I realized today how far I've fallen in the ranks of caretakers everywhere. You see, prior to children, I thought Mothers who cleaned their children's faces with their saliva was disgusting. Now I do it regularly. (Sorry precious daughters, I will try to regain control before your 8th birthdays, or for sure your the very latest year 11- I wouldn't want to ruin your chances of gathering some dignity before middle school!) However today Caiden came to me and asked me to pick her boogers. Not wanting my daughter's air flow to be impeded, I grabbed a tissue and told her to blow. After almost a dozen failed attempts to dislodge the offender, Caiden lost patience, "Just pick it out, WITH YOUR FINGER!!" Not wanting to fail my daughter, I reluctantly obliged. She was rather satisfied with the result- I was not. Gross. But, who am I kidding, I've already had worse on my clothing, in between my toes, and all over the carpet- just this morning!

I forgave her when upon consuming her last bite of veggie lasagna she said brightly, "Mama, that was my last bite and now I can have some chocolate pudding! Isn't that so e'citing?!! Yes my love, that IS so e'citing!

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Beth Anne L. said...

Isn't it just amazing what we will do for our kids? :-). You have such cute ones, by the way!