Friday, June 19, 2009

Some overdue pics of Addison's birth and early days

Sorry about the delay in getting pictures up. Hopefully these will make up for the lost time. My goal is to get some recent photos up this week. I may add more birth pics later as I'm at home now and I know that more are on Mom's computer. For now, enjoy our journey!

This was immediately following the push that gave me the first glimpse of my precious daughter. What bliss!

This was Jeff's first glimpse, and immediately after he kissed me and said, "you did it!" =) =)

Addison's first portrait, sporting her "fussy, poopy-baby" face. That is what Jeff labeled the grimace before the flood when Caiden was tiny...Addison showing off her rendition right from the get-go. ;)

I like this picture because this was immediately after I was stitched up- I had walked into my room and climbed in bed myself with my baby in tow. Far cry from my experience of Caiden's birth where I was groggy, in pain, and unable to really hold my baby without assistance.

Seven hours after her arrival, they noticed some problems, and took her to the NICU. I was still on my "I just gave birth naturally, I'm on top of the world" high and couldn't really sleep, so I joined her in the NICU. This was taken the next day after they put in an IV to give her antibiotics. Not my favorite picture, but documents our journey.

Addison's nickname now is "Smiley". This picture caught the beginning of her HUGE sleep smiles that stopped Doctors and nurses in their tracks. Now she stares at people until they look at her and then she flashes her huge smiles. It's so cute.

First day home- thank you Jesus!!

Just days old and she had already mastered the wide-eyed take-everything-in gaze. Those cheeks are so kissable!!!

Caiden was so excited to really meet her sister- even if it was a week later (children were not allowed in the NICU, so other than a quick introduction on Addison's birth-day, this was the first time she was able to touch and hold her little sister. They love each other more every day!

I'll try and post more on Monday. For now it's getting late, and we have a busy weekend ahead of us! Good night!


Mrs said...

Precious, precious!

Would love for you to write and contrast knowing the sex of the baby beforehand vs. not knowing! (We've only ever not known.)

Phyllis said...

Beautiful photos! Thank you so much for posting them!