Monday, May 18, 2009

More blessings

179. For a new day and new mercies.
180. For a day of thunderstorms
181. For challah bread from Grandma that made delicious French toast this morning!
182. For new landscaping in the front yard
183. Nursing a baby to sleep
184. Watching my girls share the beginning of mutual sisterly love.
185. For pulling out Caiden's baby clothes for Addison and remembering when my big girl was tiny.
186. That we finally found a dresser on craigslist for Addison!
187. Two weeks left of school
188. Replanting the garden
189. For falling asleep last night to much needed rain.
190. Anticipating our vacation this coming weekend
191. Anticipating that God will provide the money we need to cover my insurance while I was on leave with the baby. Can't wait to see His creativity!!
192. For really good parenting talks and decisions with Jeff. Yeah for unity!
193. For our Sunday night laughs, fellowship, accountability and Bible study.
194. For watching my little girl play in the rain.
195. For 12 days/nights of potty training success!!
196. For our friend who babysits for us every week for free so we can have date night.
197. That money for date night appeared from an anonymous friend last week!!
198. For Jeff's wisdom in counseling/listening/loving on kids in our youth group.
199. For my khaki shorts being returned after their sojourn to TN.
200. That Addison is doing better in the car since we changed her car seat!