Saturday, April 04, 2009

Recent Caiden quotes

Overheard: "My sister can talk. She says, "guh".

One day in the car I pointed out azaleas and told her they come in red, pink, purple & white. Three days later we were driving again and she said" look Mama, azaleas! But just purple and white- not pink and red." (??!! Toddlers= steel trap!)

After asking her to help me with something, she said, "Mama, look at my eyes, look at my eyes (I obliged), do you see my hands? They are busy."

After a difficult bathroom trip, "Mama, I need more fiber."

When I told her our plans had changed and what we were going to do instead..."Actually, that's not a good solution."

After finding a particularly lovely daisy on our walk, "Thank you Jesus! This one is great!"

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Mrs said...

Thank You for Caiden's, Jesus! This one is GREAT!