Thursday, April 23, 2009

To Grandmother's House We Go

Here are a few snapshots taken when we went to visit Big Grandma and Big Grandpa and G-Ma and Pi-Paw came to see us too! This is Big Grandma meeting Addison for the first time.

The sisters wore matching dresses that G-Ma bought them.

Special time with G-ma and Pi-Paw.

We didn't get one with Big Grandpa, but when we do I'll add those as well.

Happy Resurrection Day

Here are some family pics taken on Easter Sunday: not writing much because I figured that with the girls changing so rapidly pictures would be worth a thousand potential words... That and it takes so long to download pictures and I don't have much time- you know how it is! ;)

My sweet girls- what good sports they were!

Addison Hope at two months.

Daddy's girl in every way.

We had a lovely day celebrating God's gift to us of new life in Him. The sermon that morning was probably the best Easter sermon I've ever heard. So joyful!! The creation around us was vibrant with the new life of Spring, and we also celebrated Addison's first Easter with our family. Oh happy day!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Recent Caiden quotes

Overheard: "My sister can talk. She says, "guh".

One day in the car I pointed out azaleas and told her they come in red, pink, purple & white. Three days later we were driving again and she said" look Mama, azaleas! But just purple and white- not pink and red." (??!! Toddlers= steel trap!)

After asking her to help me with something, she said, "Mama, look at my eyes, look at my eyes (I obliged), do you see my hands? They are busy."

After a difficult bathroom trip, "Mama, I need more fiber."

When I told her our plans had changed and what we were going to do instead..."Actually, that's not a good solution."

After finding a particularly lovely daisy on our walk, "Thank you Jesus! This one is great!"