Wednesday, March 25, 2009


153. For a full heart and so many blessings.
154. That my birthday is in March
155. That March is the prettiest month- in FL
156. For a beautiful day
157. For my Mom, who knows me so well and just what thrills me (Gene Stratton Porter's "Her Father's Daughter" as a present!)
158. For my wrap- hands free baby wearing= Happy Mama and Baby!
159. For Jeff- who coached Caiden to tell me "happy birthday" this morning in the sweetest sleepy girl voice ever!
160. That the "terrible twos" phase we're experiencing mysteriously goes into hibernation around family and friends.
161. For sweet Addison smiles
162. For smiles and coos at two a.m. erasing the desire/need for sleep in the moment.
163. Cloth diapering Addison makes me happy! Yeah for deals and creativity!
164. Caiden singing, " spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down" 150 times in a row- and it's STILL cute! ;)
165. For the smile on Jeff's face as he listens to her sing it.
166. I'm thankful that I found a group of like-minded, educated (in the sense of knowledgeable- not formal education) and welcoming Mama's with sweet children.
167. For the anticipation of a date with Jeff tomorrow- childless!
168. For yummy food and sweet friends last night.
169. For Addison's eyelashes ;)
170. That Caiden loves her sister.
171. That Addison is here safely and is healthy
172. For Becky the L & D "VBAC Queen" nurse, Sheila- nurse in recovery who used to work at Special Beginnings and who discovered Addison was struggling.
173. For my Dr. who fudged the "rules" for me to get my VBAC
174. For the (continued) support of the ICAN Mamas
175. For my labor and delivery pictures courtesy of my wonderful mother in law!!
176. That Jeff is so intentional about his alone time with C.
177. For so many well wishes on my b-day.
178. For fun craft/learning time with C.

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