Friday, January 30, 2009

So Much!

131. I'm thankful it's Friday!
132. That I made it to my baby shower at my school today (I was on bed rest the last time and didn't get to have one)
133. For so many sweet coworkers to celebrate with me
134. For Orange Chicken (my fast food weakness)
135. That I didn't have to cook dinner tonight.
136. That Caiden has gotten in some good Grandparent time this week.
137. That I've discovered Caiden's love languages: quality time and physical touch.
138. That I continue to feel good even though I'm weeks away from delivery.
139. For dinner with our doula last night- what a blessing she is and a fabulous pillar of support.
140. That when I went to buy Caiden a pair of jeans they were 50% off!
141. For the book: Ina May's Guide to Childbirth- sounds hokey, but is a wealth of info and so inspiring!
142. For when C. says, "Mama, let's talk" - this week she said, "your word is innocent, my word is exactly- what's it mean?"
143. That Caiden was dry for two days and got to try out "big girl panties". She had an accident, but she's learning!
144. That I get to see my family tomorrow to celebrate my Dad's birthday and we're all pitching in to make some YUMMY food!
145. That even though I'm large, I can at least fit into a FEW things. =)
146. That I'm going to meet my baby soon!!!
147. For my sweet husband and how he pitches in even when he's exhausted.
148. That after the baby comes we're going to take swing dancing lessons! I can't wait!!
149. That my body is really trying to fight off this cold.
150. For sunshine after a drizzly, dreary day.
151. That my body is working hard to prepare for delivering this baby.
152. For Caiden's squeals of appreciation over a pink and purple sunset and her exultation, "God made that- thank you God!"

That's all for now. I'm hoping to start researching some different pre-preschool learning ideas soon. Caiden is blowing my mind with her understanding and curiousity, and love of learning and I really need to start thinking about how to best cultivate that. I'm not interested in creating a child-genius, just one that delights in learning, being curious, and using her imagination. As it is, she knows ALMOST her entire alphabet, she can identify about half of those letters and place it with an appropriate word that represents it (Look- there's a B, B is for Baby), she can count from 1-12 and can label numbers of objects with the appropriate number. And we really haven't even tried. As we read I'll point things out, and she has seen the ABC Signing Time and has learned a lot from it, but other than that, she's just picking it up on her own. So, I think it's about time for me to start trying to come up with activities/opportunities before she does. =) Any books, websites, ideas, milestones, etc. not only about academic learning, but other kinds of horizon expansions would be appreciated. Thanks!!!


Mrs said...

We can't wait to meet your baby, either! So thankful that you're feeling well (energy-wise). Will pray for that bothersome cold.

I WISH I knew the web site where I saw this, but it was such a cute idea! One family would do a "treasure hunt" in this way. The mom would place items all over the house where they didn't belong, and the place where it DID belong would lead them to the next item. She was amazed at how much her little ones knew on where things went! To set it up, do it backwards:

Start in the diapering area and put a "treasure" there. Take a diaper and put it with the cooking pots. Take a cooking pot and put it with the shoes. Take a shoe and put it in the pantry. Take the peanut butter and put it with the toys. Take a toy and put it on the book shelf. Take a book and put it under the pillow (etc.).

Each item logically leads them to the next, and they learn about everything having its place!

Phyllis said...

I love your list and the glimpses of you and Caiden and Peanut that it gives me!

I don't really have any preschool suggestions. You're already doing what I think is most important: lots of time outside, enjoying God's world. :-)