Friday, January 09, 2009

More thankfulness- sorry I've been slacking!

71. that Peanut is now vertex (head down) and has remained that way for two months!!!!!
72. that we were able to clean out our house over the break to prepare for Peanut's arrival.
73. That my two days of Braxton Hicks 5 min apart were NOT early labor!
74. For time with the Michigan Walter's while they were here for Heather's wedding.
75. For laughing until all of my muscles ached today- not once- but twice!
76. that it's FRIDAY!!! =)
77. That we have next Friday off!
78. For watching Caiden wolf down eggplant and zucchini tonight.
79. For a cool start to the morning, and a beautiful sunny day
80. For Caiden's "Mama, I luth (love) God" after she found out why there were crosses on churches.
81. For her theological questions that I don't know how to answer.
82. For watching her sing, sign and dance to "Signing Time" songs
83. Possibly finding a doula!
84. For an amazing night of God showing up on Wednesday with the kiddos.
85. For a caring work environment
86. For a peaceful heart
87. For watching God answer prayer
88. For devotions with my husband!
89. For a good solid 5 hours of sleep last night- at one time!
90. that I can trust God to provide for us
91. For Christmas trees/lights, and then having it put away again.
92. For beautiful weather on the day of Caiden's birthday/ party
93. That she loves her cousins
94. That we've all been healthy for a few weeks now- thank you Jesus!
95. that my little one will be here in a few short weeks!
96. For my "littlest" sisters who bless me by loving on Caiden so freely.
97. for walks behind our house.
98. that I can go to bed early tonight
99. that I can make a big breakfast tomorrow- one of my favorite things in the world!
100. for the book Jeff and I are reading together "Love Dare"

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