Saturday, January 17, 2009

Feeling settled

101. that for the first time in months I'm feeling calm, settled, and ready for this baby.
102. That we found a crib on craigslist just like Caiden's but a lighter wood, for $5 less than we paid for hers! (She's still in hers.)
103. For a warm and snuggly robe- good for middle of the night nursing sessions.
104. That I was introduced to a WAHM business that I can support- - she's making my carrier for the baby!
105. Cherishing snuggles with Caiden and quiet moments in our one child household for a few more weeks.
106. That Jeff is watching Caiden on Wed. AND Fridays now- C. LOVES it!!
107. For a surprise call from Kris- it's snowing at her house in TN!
108. That Caiden thinks that her Daddy is her Prince- just like Cinderella. =)
109. That Jeff got to stay home this weekend after all.
110. For another good harvest of carrots
111. that my "MUST do before the baby comes" list is almost done
112. that Caiden's tricycle has a handle so I don't have to bend over and push her around the block!
113. that the baby is active and strong
114. for yummy new recipes
115. that I got to see Heather and Michael for a few minutes the other night.
116. that Caiden delights me every day with something new
117. that Caiden's favorite musician is Laura Story =)
118. for cold weather- and heat!
119. that we DID find a doula- PTL!!!
120. that even though we've given up our scented laundry detergent for one that is healthier for us and the environment, at least I can enjoy the neighbor's laundry days on our walks. ;)
121. that Caiden has started saying, "Mama....remember?" and telling me about something we did before, yesterday, or in the past- too cute!
122. that when Jeff went to pick up the crib today that Caiden thought that meant that "baby Peanut" was coming home today too. She was so excited to "meet baby Peanut". Try explaining THAT to a 2 year old! "But WHY Mama?"....
123. that I am so incredibly blessed
124. for garlic bread
125. for squirrels with cheeks full of nuts, and Caiden laughing at them and saying they are her friends (how appropriate for her to recognize a kindred spirit- two food lovers!)
126. that C. has learned to "nurse" her doll, and then promptly "burp" it, and the eruption of giggles after every burp is almost too much.
127. for Gene Stratton Porter's gift with words
128. for a slower day tomorrow
129. for the scent of clean
130. that I'm going to bed now! =) Good night!

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Mrs said...

All of us are eager for the introduction of Baby McL! So thankful for your ability to enjoy each moment as they come. Caiden will only benefit from this mindset!