Monday, November 24, 2008

More thankfulness and garden stories

51. I'm thankful for the next 10 days off from work!!
52. I'm thankful for a to-do list that is making progress
53. I'm thankful for altocumulus clouds or "lots of baby clouds" as Caiden calls them.
54. I'm thankful for little conversations with her that amaze me every day
55. for the fun baby dreams I've been having the last few nights
56. that Jeff comes home tonight
57. that Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we have a fun week before us
58. that I'm beginning to recover from this cold
59. that Caiden is healthy!
60. that Jeff was out of town for the "contagious" part of the cold and hopefully dodged this bullet!
61. for time in the garden
62. for days that really look and feel like Autumn- in FL no less!
63. for good friends
64. for surprise harvests (more on that later!)
65. for pumpkin muffins, bread and cookies!
66. for little hands that make big messes while helping Mama cook.
67. for big eyes and proud smiles when the finished product comes out of the oven.
68. for a surprise phone call from my sister Kris, the new bride.
69. for a fun day with my sisters, Heather and Sarah.
70. that Caiden made me laugh when she thought that Eggplant plants yielded eggs! =)
71. that our Sunday night Bible study group has a community garden and chickens!

Okay so about that surprise harvest: So this morning I saw from the sliding glass door that our baby lemon tree had successfully ripened two lemons, so Caiden and I got dressed and went to harvest them. While we were out there, I noticed how dreadfully overgrown our garden was. It has been hopelessly neglected this year. Between my morning sickness, our busyness, sickness, and a lot of rain, the poor thing has really suffered. So, we decided it was high time to evict the weeds. While doing so, both of us became caked with dirt and Caiden had dirt where no dirt has yet gone. It was fabulous! Well, the sweet potato had taken over half of the plot, and was looking rather pitiful. So, I gave up and started ripping it out. Well, guess what I found along the way? Yep! Sweet potatoes. Apparently, they can look pitiful above ground and it doesn't have much baring on what is happening under the soil. I discovered 6 small sweet potatoes in the aftermath. What a surprise! Also, some of our carrots were ready to be pulled. I wish I had gotten some pictures of half-pint pulling those carrots with all of her might. The earth gave up the carrot and Caiden uncerimoniously landed on her bottom. "I found it!" was her triumphant announcement. And find it, she did!

Later, she was making an obstacle course out of the plot by dodging the eggplant. However, they had just begun to flower and it looks like we might just have a chance at getting a few eggplant out of those sorry old plants yet, so I asked her not to go back there because she might knock them over. She was quiet for a while, then squatted down with her hands on her knees to better inspect them. She rose up, shrugged and stated matter of factly, "no eggs Mama!" This is true. No eggs. =)


Mrs said...

Congrats on your mini-harvest, and on your maxi-harvest of thankfulness!

Caiden, you WILL be eaten up with such cuteness. You have been warned!

Phyllis said...

Thank you so much for writing! I'm thankful for YOU! :-)