Monday, November 10, 2008

Kristin and Aaron's wedding

Here are a few pics to tide you over. =) Unfortunately I don't have any with the groom yet, but as I get them, I'll share.

Notice the binky and blanket...this was pre-wedding and post a missed nap was getting sketchy.

This is the other side of the family- Jeff's wonderful parents who came to help with Caiden.

And last but not least, a decent picture of the baby bump! =) (and me signing)


Phyllis said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much!

Phyllis said...

Just coming back to look again. . . :-)

Mrs said...

Oh, what a beautiful day that was!

I noted the fist-pumping when Caiden conked out on her Grandma. Could it be any better? She did her part and promptly took a nap. :-)

Love you, love your family!

Steve said...

Shae -
so beautiful! What song did you sign to? I love seeing the baby bump!!! Love you!
- Shan