Friday, October 03, 2008

New Caiden-isms

I'm going to try and make this short. "Why" you ask? It's been a long week, I'm exhausted, Jeff's going to be gone all day tomorrow, and I'm sick again. =(

Caiden counts like so: One, Two, Thee, Four, Five, (pause) Seven, Eight Nine!

She stole my sister's phone the other day and said this:" Hi G-Ma! Yeah. Toes, paint! Yeah. Wuv you. Bye bye!" (G-Ma is the only one who paints her toes and apparently, she was due for a tune-up! ;)

She calls plums "apple-grapes".

I was teaching her her full name and instead of McLaughlin (let's face it- it's an impossibly LONG name for a 21mo old!) she actually made it LONGER in the funniest way. "Mickey-laughlin" is the way to say it in Caiden-land. I laughed so hard I cried. If she only knew how appropriate that was with her family on the McLaughlin side. =)

When she woke up one morning this week, I picked her up and brought her out to the kitchen. She's a early to rise, and quick to eat kind of girl, you see. She tapped my shoulder and said, "Mama, geen (green) five!" I didn't follow her line of thinking, so I said, "I don't understand, tell me again". Very obligingly she clarified, "Mama shirt, geen, Mama cup geen, Caiden cup geen." AHHH. She was right about them all being green and all being in the same vicinity, however, I corrected her counting- there were THREE green things, not five. She knowingly nodded her head and said a little sheepishly, " yes, geen thee."

Her new favorite things are the Signing Time DVDs. As much as I don't let her watch TV, or movies, for this, I cave. What can be better than videos for kids that increase their spoken and signed vocabulary? I mean, if you're speaking of sticking them in front of the tube for 20 min. that is. She is allowed to watch it a few times a week (2-3) and she's mastered almost all of the signs they introduce. I'm stoked! We found them in the Orange County Library so we can enjoy many more than if we had bought them. However, I'm so impressed with the conceptual accuracy of the videos, and the idea and Mom behind the series, that I really do want to support that. I'm adding them to her Christmas/ birthday wish list. =)

She's not currently very receptive to the idea of having another sibling. Any time people touch my belly to feel the baby kick, she gets upset and says, "no no no!" Tonight she was being very rambunctious, and Daddy explained that she had to be careful near Mama's belly because there was a little baby inside. She made her common protests, and when Daddy explained that she could hold the baby and play with the baby, go on walks with the baby, swim in the pool, take baths, etc. with baby, she all of a sudden looked like that didn't seem half bad. She even asked, "bike ride with baby?" which is one of her all time favorite things to do right now. Maybe she'll get used to the idea after all! Either way, we're praying for them to have a wonderful relationship, love each other, and for this not to rock Caiden's world too harshly.

Lastly, we have a sonogram on Monday morning. We're going to ask the technician to write down the baby's sex on a piece of paper and open it together at dinner that night. We'll decide if we're going to share that information with the world at that time. We're a little excited about the intimacy of just our little family "knowing" this baby. That way the announcement at delivery will still be fun, full of anticipation, and yet have the benefit for Jeff of not being surprised. =) .

Okay, my short post has turned long. It's time for bed. Sweet dreams!