Thursday, June 05, 2008


I have never been virtually tagged either Allie! I'm not sure what that says about my blogging popularity or prowess, but I'll stop whining now and get down to business. Hmmm...I'm to write six little known facts about myself. It reminds me of the game we played as children, Two Truths and A Lie. Except this time, no lies. Okay, here goes:

1. Someday I would love to have a big front porch with a porch swing. I mourn the lost art of front porch socializing. Can you tell that my love language is quality time? =)

2. I want to backpack through Europe, ride the rails and stay in the youth hostels before I die- preferably when I can hike without invoking great pain and exhaustion. If that's not motivation enough for staying (getting!) in shape, I don't know what is!

3. I have had three interesting business ideas in the last 6 months: a children's book store boasting story times, crafts and snacks all themed; a store geared toward natural parenting; and a temp. controlled nursing tent for when outdoor activities and hungry babies attempt to coexist. However, I think this season of my life is going to require my full attention at least for a few years.

4. I am the highest qualified/certified ASL interpreter at my school and among three in my entire county. It's a sad commentary on the state of educational interpreting in my state. Perhaps if they recognized our accomplishments in some way, "cough- money!" it would help in encouraging interpreters to pursue further certification/ education. But no one asked me, and life is hard enough around here with all the budget cuts. So sad. These kiddos deserve better.

5. I was home schooled 1st through 12th grade and loved every minute of it. Actually I can't lie...I despised long division for a while there, but I got over it!

6. My favorite thing to do with Caiden right now is hold hands and pray. She bows her head, and blinks her eyes funny, and mumbles something cute. When I think she's finished, I say AMEN! Sometimes she solemnly looks at me and says, "no" while quickly re-bowing her head . So sweet! My least favorite thing to do with Caiden is go shopping (shopping has been low on my totem pole for years though so if you know me well, this doesn't surprise you.

That's all for now. I'm going to bed now. I'll tag someone else later!
Good night!


Following Forward said...

#1 and #2 are a ditto for me!! :)

annie said...

Hi, I followed Allie's link for you. :) I'm an interpreter, too. Or, was, until my daughter was born. I never worked in the school system, just out in the community, but I completely understand the plight of unqualified or ill-qualified interpreters in the school system. Money plus interpreter politics plus sheer lack of numbers makes for a very difficult situation.

Do you have your NIC? I was working towards mine when Isabel was born and have since put everything on the back burner. I'd like to get back into it and get certified.

I'm always so glad to "meet" another interpreter! There are far too few of us!

I am a Monkey's Mama said...

1. I'll gladly sit on that front porch with you!
2. Maybe Tim and I will see you there.
3. If you need a business partner, just let me know. :)
4. I love it. I wish I had been able to continue with my ASL education, but alas, I had to pick and choose wisely to graduate as quickly as I am.
5. Tell me more! We are *seriously* considering homeshchooling our kids. How is now to work in the schools, too?! I'm dying to know!
6. Oh, my goodness, that makes my heart melt!

See you soon!

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

Kindred spirits! #1 & #2 are ditto for me too! My porch envy is known far and wide - to the extent that my dear husband has consented to a 'pseudo porch' for our house - pavers and a trellis out front with chairs. Funny, I didn't recognize that as a product of my primary love language which like yours is quality time.