Thursday, June 26, 2008

More joy/blessings

Several people have inspired me to list 1,000 blessings so I'll continue from my previous post.

4. Fresh green beans straight from the bush- yum.
5. Butterflies breaking the monotony of weeding the garden with their gentle beauty.
6. Dancing in the rain with my baby-girl.
7. When Caiden comes and grabs my hand and says, "C'Mon.....sit" and then she lets me in on her world of pretend and play.
8. Kissing her neck under her chin and feeling her dissolve into giggles- the most delicious baby place to kiss.
9. Feeling the hand of God still my heart when I become afraid.
10. Curling up with a good book.
11. Blueberry pancakes- a perfect start to any day.
12. Watching my husband talk about his trip to Honduras and the children who stole his heart...pray for Jesus- he has heart surgery tomorrow!!!
13. Our one Saturday a month tradition of eating bagels for breakfast and watching a Western...with John Wayne, of course!!
14. Watching Caiden pause to appreciate the call of a cardinal and that of his distant responder.
15. Doubling up laughing after Caiden points to my face and declares, "pimple" with her popping "p" sound and sweet high voice. That's the result of "hanging" with her teenage Aunts- I'm sure of it!!
16. Rain drops hitting the window pane when it's time to sleep.

Okay, that's all for today. Stay tuned for more later!

1 comment:

Mrs said...

Lovely list! Praying for Jesus!

Cracked me up about the pimples; you're probably right on the Aunties!

Which John Wayne is your favorite? I think Rio Bravo is mine. It's when he was so much younger - the women and children were captured by Indians and had to be rescued.

Himself's favorite is Big Jake.