Monday, May 19, 2008

Garden update

Well, the sunflowers are blooming much to the delight of Jeff, Caiden, myself and the bees! Here are some pictures as promised. They are not very good, but I had to make it quick- Caiden was preparing to harvest our eggplant seedlings. =)

Remember when the sunflowers were barely touching Caiden's knees?

Then garden has given us so many beans we've begun freezing them. The lettuce is doing great and so are the onions. We were having so much fun that we dug out another plot. It's about 4x12 feet and home to more eggplant, and tomatoes. Yes, we gave in and are trying the tomatoes again. We placed lots of marigolds in there as well to hopefully make the soil less inviting to nematodes.

In addition to the new plants, we have seen lots of beautiful butterflies- Monarchs, Zebras, Black Swallowtails, and others whose names I do not know. We've also welcomed bees who have been mighty happy with the sunflowers and marigolds. The blackberries are also ripe now, but we're hard pressed to find many- seems to me that the animals may have beat the to us. But we like to go down there and look anyway because there's a huge mess of some plant that the butterflies love. It's like going to a butterfly garden or something- they are so thick that often they run into you. I'll try to snap a picture soon.

Well, that's all for now- the couch climber/runner has awakened from her nap. On duty again! =) Enjoy this beautiful day!


Phyllis said...

I think you wrote this for me! :-) Thank you very much. I loved it! I'm missing gardening right now. The weather is beautiful, and I just want to get my hands dirty. Strangely enough, I was almost disappointed to see how beautiful it is around our new apartment building. Everyone else has already taken care of planting. Oh, well! I'll just have to sit back and enjoy their handiwork. :-)

(We're finding that Ukrainian cities are much cleaner and better taken care of than provincial Russian ones.)

Mrs said...

Congrats on your successful gardening! We broke down and bought some butterfly plants at Lukas. Since we love to plant but rarely remember to water, each of us have been diligent this time! We're determined to have something live.

DaDaHaZaReJe said...

What a great garden post! You make me hungry. Our lone tomato plant has kept Zach happily in tomatoes for quite a while now and I got a grape tomato plant for the summer - hope it is close enough to cherry tomatoes to make it through the heat of summer.

We've got passion vine popping up all over the yard - anyone want one? I got a start from a friend and we have a trellis of it going but now there are babies everywhere. It's a purple variety - not the native - but also not the red one that the butterflies dislike. Ours is always covered with eggs and caterpillars. Smells nice too.

Mrs said...

Ummm . . . I'll take some passion vine!

Allie said...

I miss you, Shannon!! Any chance we can get together sometime next week?