Monday, April 14, 2008

Garden Baby

During the days you have not heard from us, we have been enjoying our garden and the lovely weather. I wanted to share some cute pictures with you. The first one is Caiden checking on her sunflowers. They were small here, but now are double her size. Pretty soon we will have blooms...when we do, I'll be sure and share them!

This is Caiden's first real experience planting in the garden. I would drop in the seeds, and she would cover theory. =) This season we have planted organic squash, beans, garlic, onions, lettuce, carrots and eggplant. Everything is doing quite well. We gave up on the FL tomatoes least for this year.

The last two pics are from Easter- the first is a picture of playing in the leaves with Aunt Kris, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Tim- it's my favorite!

Notice the yellow flower in her hand. At our church on Easer they have a wire framed cross that you can stick fresh flowers into. It's beautiful at the end of the morning when it's full of colorful reminders of new life. Caiden took her flower and then decided that it was too pretty to leave behind. She carried the poor crinkled, wilting bloom around for at least an hour.

I am loving this stage of our journey together. Caiden is so much fun exploring the world around her. Her favorite thing is to go "ut-sai" (outside) and everyday she exults in the chirp of a bird (Mama, BUD), croak of a frog (Mama, FOG), a cricket's song (oh, oh!), or the joy of wind blowing in her hair. That is the funniest part, she throws her head back and fluffs her hair in the back when the wind precious! So, if you don't hear much from us right now, you know why! Life is too short to spend it all blogging! =)

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Mrs said...

LOOK at our big, walking girl! How precious is right!

By all means, don't stay inside on days like this. Too soon an outdoor trip will require shorts and a shower afterwards.

Know of any way I could get out of doing school during March and April?