Sunday, March 02, 2008

What Did You Do This Morning?

So a friend of mine, also a new Mom posted the things she had done by 9:30am and I thought I would share my story. Please share with me your morning accomplishments!

By 9:30 this morning I nursed Caiden twice, dressed her, fed her breakfast, did the dishes, answered four e-mails, made a phone call, made a grocery list, made a to-do list for my girls weekend coming up, I'm in the process of doing two loads of laundry, hung one up on the line, wished Caiden still took two naps, distracted her from sleepy grumpiness, changed our bed sheets, packed Caiden up for the day out and drove to church.

And you??? =)


Mrs said...

By 9:30?

Got up, showered, looked at the laundry, walked past the laundry, hollered up the stairs to Kelly and Kate to get moving, dressed, dried my hair, took dogs out, fed dogs, gathered church stuff, waited for Himself to come back and pick us up, greeted everyone still in the hall at church, sat and waited for the Pastor to arrive at class, dug into the Word.

We like having Aunt Duck. We really don't want to give her back.

Phyllis said...

I'm supposed to remember that?!?! :-)

lllizardgirl said...

listen to my alarm clock beep, and beep, and beep... finally get up, put my glasses on, try to wake up the bro, stare at big bro, listen to the big bro snore, get dressed, sleepily say good morning to parents, brush hair, feed cat, tell other cats to shoo, drink orange juice, collect Bible, shoes, jacket... get in the car, take a nap on the way to church.

RK Rigel

Jessie said...

Hm. This morning I was still sleeping at 9:30, and it was wonderful beyond compare! :D