Friday, March 14, 2008

We're walking!!!

Hallelujah! It has happened! Monday was the big day. For those of you who do not know, for the last two or three months, Caiden has been insistent that she walk- with my pinky finger.. just to be safe. If I tried to remove said finger, the "jello legs" would appear, tears would burst forth, and she would become hysterical. Every once in a while when she forgot, or was distracted she would take a few steps and then promptly collapse on the ground remembering that she was "supposed" to be hysterical. For the most part, I just went with it- she wanted to walk with my be it. I knew she would walk on her own in her own good time. Some times I wasn't so patient and really felt frustrated. There was no reason why she should be so cautious- no big falls, nothing. Except that she is Caiden, and Caiden seems to perfect things before she actually tries them. (mouthing words before using her voice, practicing crawling months before she actually did it (also late!) etc.)

So, in case you're dying to hear how it happened: All morning I noticed that she was willingly taking a few steps in between the furniture as she was playing. So, I moved all of the pieces of our sectional couch farther apart. So far so good. When that went over without a hitch, I led her to the middle of the living room and tried the same tactics I'd been trying for the last few months. She was not amused. In a last ditch effort, I stuck her ball in front of her and encouraged her to kick it. (One of her very favorite activities.) She did. She then stepped once, then twice and kicked again. This continued all the way across the living room. If you had been a fly on the wall, you would have known me by the gaping mouth and wide eyes. She was nonplussed. I was in shock. She acted like she had been doing this forever. "No big deal, Momma" her eyes seemed to say. Well, she HAD been practicing this for months! When Jeff got home I brought her outside and she walked the length of two houses without falling, picking up acorns ("balls!) and rocks (also "balls") and leaves ("eef") along the way. She was thrilled with her independence, however she kept looking up and saying, "Mama go" - she wanted me to walk along with her, but NOT holding on. It was so sweet.

Since then, I hardly think she has stopped. She is exploring EVERYWHERE. Other fun accomplishments include, confusing "up" and "down", signing: mouse, bird, yes, eat, & flower, (in addition to her other signs) knowing the sounds that dogs, cats, snakes, tigers, & birds make. Every day we spell her name using the magnetic letters on the fridge and now she walks up there and says "C, I" . ;) There are probably more, but I'm tired, so I'll wrap this up. Just wanted to share our exciting news!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

What Did You Do This Morning?

So a friend of mine, also a new Mom posted the things she had done by 9:30am and I thought I would share my story. Please share with me your morning accomplishments!

By 9:30 this morning I nursed Caiden twice, dressed her, fed her breakfast, did the dishes, answered four e-mails, made a phone call, made a grocery list, made a to-do list for my girls weekend coming up, I'm in the process of doing two loads of laundry, hung one up on the line, wished Caiden still took two naps, distracted her from sleepy grumpiness, changed our bed sheets, packed Caiden up for the day out and drove to church.

And you??? =)