Monday, January 28, 2008

One Year!

(Please excuse the tardiness of this post, and ignore the fact that she is now 13 mo. old) =)

Happy First Birthday Caiden! What a year full of joy, blessings, lessons, explorations, changes, growth, and LOVE. Jesus, thank you for the gift of our daughter. Thank you for using her to show us more of the depth of your love and passion for us. Papa, I ask for Your blessing cover Caiden this coming year. "Bless her and keep her, may your face shine upon her and give her Your peace." Teach her about Your love for her and Your presence in EVERY thing.

Here are some snapshots of her party (we just had a small-ish party with close family...for those who know my family, you understand the "ish" part of that word. =) )

The first pic is with her G-ma McLaughlin, the next two are cake diving, and the last one is in her special present from Daddy- her very own red wagon- made in America no less! =) I tried to post a cute photo with Aunt "Duck" (Kate) but it's rejecting it, so maybe later.. Thank you to everyone who made this day so special for her, and to everyone else who sent well wishes her way. On to year two! (Trust me, I'm enjoying every minute as it comes...that's quite enough for me!)


LindzML said...

Congratulations, Shae! I can't believe it's been a year since I started reading about your little miracle. I hope everything's been going well for you, otherwise.

Love (and miss!) you,
Lindsay Loe

Mrs said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet One!

Father, I echo her mama's prayer. Thank you for the sunshine that is Caiden! Bless her, keep her, and may she not live a single day without knowing how much You love her.

Mrs said...

Cake face. . .she looks so incredibly content. Who wouldn't? I hope the one with Aunt Duck eventually loads. I love me some Aunt Duck.