Saturday, January 05, 2008

Christmas Vacation pt.I

I'm typing from my parents' computer right now and don't have all of MY pictures, so I'll just cover the part of Christmas vacation that we spend with them. On the 25th, we left to spend a few days in TN. Here's where we "live" when we visit. Doesn't it look heavenly? It is!

We spend three days there and two days traveling. On Caiden's birthday Jeff and I took her into Pigeon Forge to celebrate with just the three of us because we're waiting to celebrate with both sides on the family on Jan.12th. While there we bought her her present: a cute TN-made rag doll. Here's Kate modeling her for us. ;) The trip up and back were a piece of cake. I was thrilled to learn that traveling is still do-able, atleast with a bunch of aunts in the back seat to keep Caiden amused. =)

While we were there we enjoyed weather that reached 28 degrees and 32degrees. It was a lovely change of pace from our warm FL temps! This is Caiden and Aunt Sarah, Tim's beautiful bride enjoying the chill.

Riding on the shoulders of her hero. =) This was the position of her hat 95% of the time. =)

Well, that's all I have time for now. More to come soon!


Mrs said...

Christmas and hats and Aunties and Daddy's shoulders. . . . stir in Tennessee and Grandparents and an unstressed Mama . . . . bliss!

Mrs said...

Smiles, raised eyebrows
Pointing and "Uh?"
Signing "please"
A wiggle and a squeeze
Mornings with Caiden include all of these!

I loved having a Caiden fix!