Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I have to say that lately I have not lived up to the name that I gave this blog. I have been racking my brain as to what extraordinary topic I could dig up and ponder through, but I had not come upon anything until today.

I woke this morning to a delightful cool nip in the air. It was so refreshing I wanted a big fat mug to drink it in! It was of the flavor of "burrow deeper into those covers". However, a certain sun was also inviting me to warm myself under his gaze. In fact, his brightness was so intoxicating, that I could not help myself. I wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and slowly tip-toed out to the back porch. "Wait and see" the wind whispered, tantilizing me with the promise of newness and beauty. I was glad that I had already planned a picnic lunch at Lake Lily.

Caiden and I met Allie and Iain for our picnic. It was short but so sweet. We decided that it was so delightful, we will continue it on a weekly basis! After they left to meet the curfew for nap-time, Caiden and I strolled around the lake. Then I remembered the feeling of the morning, and decided to tune in on a deeper level to the creation around me.

There was a feeling of holiness and reverence in the air, of beauty and light. It was as if I stumbled into a secret worship session for all of creation. Everything sparkled. It was as if everything was awakened by the suns invitation to engage in this glorious day. The sky responded by sweeping away all of her cobwebs and giving the flying birds a venue in which to soar and dip and delight in the vast expanse of her. I could hear them calling to and fro that this was their favorite of His creations. I could hear the squirrels hopping from tree to tree, quietly chattering of His glory and provision. Even the Momma ducks were shooing their little ones from beneath the dry grasses out into the shining water. Turtles were perched everywhere proudly showing God's creativity as they carried around their homes. It was beautiful, I did not want to leave, but it was almost MY little one's nap time, so we turned back. As we did, the breeze flew by and whispered, "Did you see Him?" Yes, I see Him. What a great reminder this season. Do you see Him?


Phyllis' mom said...

Your prose is worshipful poetry.

Peace and joy....

Mrs said...

Is it any wonder I woke up singing the Doxology this morning? All of creation praises Him, just by existing!

PS I spent the afternoon with Kate yesterday. May I keep her?

And Allie?
And Bekah?
And Heather and Kris?


Jessie said...

I can't believe I just now found this post, but I'm so glad that I did! I know you wrote this with another day in mind, but it reminds me that today is also abounding with beauty and is likewise declaring the majesty of its creator! Thank you for your beautiful words!