Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ahh Saturdays!

Last Saturday, we went on a family picnic. We went to a little park in the Leesburg area. The last time we went to this lake-side park was in Jan. or Feb of last year and we couldn’t stay because it was too cold and windy for Caiden. This time however, the weather was perfect. Caiden was fascinated by the flock of birds that attacked us during our lunch break. I’m not sure what they were…they were the size of a mocking bird, but had yellowish breasts and brown wings with dark brown beaks and legs. She delighted in throwing things at them, beckoning them closer and then clapping loudly so that the whole group flew away all at once.

Because she is so eager to be independent, I let her crawl around and explore, careful to avoid ant beds and other questionable insects. We found this large bush with cottony looking seeds that burst forth and parachuted down around us every time the wind blew. She wasn’t a fan of the stickiness of the seeds, but the liked the soft cottony part. I showed her how to blow them apart, but the best she got was blowing raspberries or trying to taste them. That’s where I ended that particular experiment.

Our next delight was picking daisy-like flowers. I know, I should know their name…it’s a weed, maybe dandelion? Anyway, there was a whole clump of them, and she picked two, and then proceeded to disrobe them, stripping off all of their petals. How embarrassing! But oh so fun for a baby! =) Jeff caught these fun experiments with our new camera! Yeah!

p.s. Blogger isn't letting me upload pics right now...I'll have to add them later.

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Mrs said...

I agree, Saturday was beautiful! Isn't it amazing how your ac runs one day, then the heater is needed the next?

Can't wait to see photos!