Monday, November 19, 2007

Caiden's First Thanksgiving Mail

Today Caiden received a card in the mail from her G-ma and Grandpa McLaughlin. This was a momentous occasion as it was the first time she's been old enough to enjoy being ALLOWED to open mail by herself. =) We looked at her name on the front, and we practiced reading C-a-i-d-e-n. She should have it by next week. ;) She opened it, and then I read it to her. Then at her request (i.e shoving it in my face) I read it to her again. By the third repetition, I was beginning to think that she understood how exciting this was. =) Inside there was a dollar bill. She picked it up, did her little excited whistle, and kissed it before I could remove it from her grasp. Oops. I actually considered washing her mouth out, but then I thought she may equate receiving mail with punishment! Not good. I LOVE receiving mail! So, we prayed over whatever offending germs may have invaded her, and moved on. Then she mouthed, I mean, kissed the card. I wasn't as worried about that one. Apparently after a almost 11 month old kisses the things they love, they test its durability by gnawing on it. I don't blame her, if I recently grew teeth, I would be excited to test them out too! The light was bad, but I was able to catch some snapshots of this occasion thanks to Mom and Dad McLaughlin who gave me their old camera. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! =) Now if only I had a subject who would stay still! =)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Of smiles, pumpkins and ice cream

What do these things have in common you ask? Absolutely nothing...I just have some really cute photos I wanted to share. =)

What is so delightful? Grass in between her toes of course!

This is a 150 lb. pumpkin at our friends the Casebier's home. What a discovery!!

The tears came after Jeff took away the ice cream. Life is so hard when you're a baby!

This family picture was taken in Saint Augustine on the water in front of the Fort. We took my parents there for their Christmas present (almost a year late!) We had such fun! When I get more pics of them, I will add those also.