Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We're Going on A Bear Hunt!

We're going on a bear hunt. We're going to catch a big one! What a beautiful day. We're not scared!

Ever since my little sisters were infants, this book has been one of my favorites. Now Caiden and I read it often. Last night it went something like this:

We're going on a beat hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared. Oh oh- THAT REALLY IS A BEAR!!!! And there he was- a 200 lb. black bear ambling across our backyard! All of a sudden, as if he heard my exclamation, he broke into a run- he must have been scared too. Oh wait.. DID I say I wasn't scared? Oh, I was just READING the book, after all!

Well, tonight, our bear came back. He must have enjoyed storytime! He also must come from a family that enjoys a snack with his story because he visited our neighbor's trash cans and our lettuce patch beforehand. Maybe if we switch books for a more benign story....and I think we'll scratch "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" off the list! =)


Jessie said...

Oh my goodness, Shannon!
How terrifying! But what a great story it makes.
I do love that book. I need to add it to my childrens' book collection.

Next book? What about something milder like "Make Way for Ducklings"?

Phyllis said...

You didn't get a photo!?!? I only saw a bear once in all my years of exploring FL! And you had one in your yard??!?

Mrs said...

Yep, you might want to stay away from Curious George as well!

What an adventure!

Allie said...

Yikes! Your sisters actually told me about this bear... what a crazy story! I hope you got some pictures, but that may not have been the first thing on your mind. Sorry I haven't emailed you back about next week - my computer has been down. I'll call you soon... :)

Shannon said...

Nope, no photo this time...maybe we'll be ready next time? We were just so enraptured a camera didn't even cross our minds. I was too interested in showing Caiden a real live bear!

billmancn said...

Oh my! You may want to leave "the three little bears" off the list as well :)

I would LOVE to get together with you! Give me a call when you get a chance, and we'll work something out. I am dying to see my future daughter-in-law :)